Saturday, 18 February 2017

Twisted Palette

So one of this month's UFO's to finish was the Twisted Palette top. A Quilt Bee quilt dating back to 2014. I know this as I used one of the spare blocks I made as a label.

So even though I've had the cold from hell, thanks to the hubby and daughter plus my sewing machine decided it didn't want to wind any bobbins until I took it apart and gave it a talking to it's all quilted and finished.

I was lucky with this UFO as I'd already sandwiched it and stitched in the ditch. All that needed to be done was the fancy quilting.

The snowball blocks look like wreaths to me so I quilted matchstick lines between them to highlight the wreath.

In the centre of the wreath I quilted an oval with a hexagon inside a hexagon in the centre. I framed the oval and outer hexagon and fmq'd inside. I left the centre hexagon unquilted ( more on that later)

The open spaces where the 12" blocks met provided a weird star shape. I framed that going smaller. I used bubbles in the frames and fmq'd in the centre

I did a simple piano key going through all three borders and a bright stripe for the binding. You'll recognise the backing. Just goes to show much I use this fabric

Right more on those empty hexagons.

As you know I'm not a fan of large unquilted areas. I'm a quilt it to death type of girl. They were starting to bother me but I couldn't decide what to do in them.

Hubby ( AKA assistant designer) mentioned something about putting buttons or embroidery in them. Great idea. I found some large bright buttons and after an hours hand sewing.

Quilt finished,

As this is for Judy's UFO Challenge over at Patchwork Times, I'll be linking up there at the end of the month.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Coffee...I need coffee

It was proved to me today that I really shouldn't sew before I've had my coffee.  Why? Well for 2 reasons.

First up I made this month's block for a sew along via a group on FB. The blocks are 12" finished but I'm doing a mixture of 12" and 6". I cut all my pieces as if I was doing a 6" block. Trimmed my hsts and sewed it all together.

Now spot the not so deliberate mistake when put up against last month's block.

Yep this month's turned out to be 4" as I'd managed to trim the hst's to the finished size and not the unfinished size. Still it's not the end of the world. I'll make it work.

Up next was a Bee block. The Queen, Joanne had asked for a pippi longstocking block as per the tutorial HERE.

This block requires a bit of improv piecing. As you may be aware me and improv piecing is a recipe for disaster. I'm far too much of a control freak for improv. Anyway I pulled up my big girl pants and tackled it.

Yep, another size issue. This time Pippi is slightly thinner than I had envisaged. Still the block is supposed to be improv and I've cleared it with Joanne who's happy with her.

After these two design changes I decided I'd better have a bucket  cup of coffee.

Suitably caffeinated I tackled the next Bee blocks.

Anneliesse asked for any size star block. The only proviso was the background was dark grey and the star was to be bright.

First up is an 18" block

Next up, as this Bee requires two blocks sent per month is a 12" foundation pieced star.

And finally, because I couldn't resist making another one ( I love stars), a 6" foundation pieced.

So that's my Bee and Sew Along blocks all done for the month. I can now concentrate on quilting my UFO challenge quilts. More on them later in the week as Judy's February Quiltathon starts on Wednesday until Saturday. With a bit of luck I can get most of one of the quilts done by the end of the weekend.

Friday, 3 February 2017

February's To Do List

Well the numbers are out for this month's UFO Challenges.

Judy over at Patchwork Times has called Number 9 for February. Looking at the list it's a Bee quilt that needs quilting.

It's been sandwiched and I've Stitched in the Ditch so I just need to do the decorative quilting and bind it to finish.

I'm using Judy's challenge to work on my cross stitch UFO's too and number 9 is the Big Cats

I doubt whether I'll finish this but it'll be nice to progress it.

Anther UFO challenge I'm in, yes I have that many I need two lists is via Facebook. The number they called was number 8

 Yeah maybe I should have warned you about how bright this is.

It's a single bed quilt that needs quilting. I think I'll need to wear my sunglasses for this one.

Anyway that's a heads up of what you will be seeing, hopefully here on the blog during the next month. I'll also have a few Bee blocks just to mix things up a bit too.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Last of the January UFO's

As you know I've declared this year the year of the UFO finishes. To help I joined in on Judy's UFO Challenge and my list can be found here
January's UFO from my list was Dotty About Scraps a scrap quilt from far too many years ago,

This was my first scrap quilt and my first self designed quilt. It's approximately double bed sized.

I struggled with thinking on how to quilt this, probably why it's been in the box for so long. I normally draw out a quilting plan for ideas but decided to just wing this one.

First up I quilted straight(ish) diagonal lines through all the chain squares, through the sashing and into the borders

This gave me large. bordered areas of unquilted spaces. In these I quilted a made up motif of curves and straight (ish) lines. Again going over sashing and borders as necessary.

The pictures above aren't the best sorry as I used a Superior Threads King Tut variegated thread which blends in really well.

It shows up alot better on the back. I love this backing fabric by the way. I think I'm going to have to pick up some more. It's a lightweight upholstery fabric and great for backings.  You can see a sneak peak of the spotty binding I used too.

And the finished quilt

So that's January finished and three UFO's out of the box and finished. Roll on February.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Not just the year of Quilty UFO's

As you know I've declared this the year of the UFO. No new quilts to start unless it's birthday/wedding/new baby quilts.

So far so good. I've finished a few, another will be sandwiched tomorrow once I sort out the backing. I'm pretty confident I'll get that done by the end of the month too.

Well that got me thinking. It's not just quilty UFOs I've got tucked away in my sewing room. I've also got a few ( actually more than I thought) cross stitches started and put away for one reason or another. I dragged them out of their hiding places and decided to list these to sew in conjunction with the UFO Challenge I'm doing.

1.  The Nebula

This is a HAED design and huge. It'll measure 2ft x 2ft when finished and has over 390,000 stitches in it. You can see the finished picture and my progress on my side bar. I can guarantee this will not be finished this year but I'd like to get the top row of pages done,

2.  ( and 8) The Kingfisher

This is one of a series of birds by Heritage Stitches. I'd like to get it, and the rest finished and made up into cushions.

3. The Teddies ( this months UFO number)

 Although the top cross stitch is finished. I finished it today to be honest. the other in the series isn't started. I'd like to get them both done and then I'll  border and quilt them into a wall hanging for a nursery. Who's I don't know so it'll go into the emergency present box.

4. ( and 9 ) The Big Cats

I've an awful feeling that I may have to frog this one as I seem to remember being a row/couple of stitches out. I'll have to have a good look.

 5.  ( and 10) Winnie The Pooh Height chart

I have no idea why I started this one. Once finished I'll probably border and quilt it up and it'll go into the emergency present box.

6. (and 11) The Grey Owl

I'm not a fan of the background colour for this to be honest. It's worse than black for making your eyes tired. I love the owl though so need to get it finished

7. ( and 12) The Panther

This contains black,  dark black grey, black grey, very dark grey......well you get the picture. It's a nightmare and the only one on the list I'm really not looking forward to working on. Still once done it'll look good and maybe I can move onto the partner, a white tiger with white, pale pale grey, pale grey, off white.......etc etc

As you can see I've numbered most of them twice so I am covered for the 12 months of the UFO challenge as I doubt whether I'll get any done in just the one month. My eyes are no longer good enough to sew for long and I need perfect light. Still if even one gets finished I'll be pleased. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Quick Start to Finish

So I was scanning through Instagram the other day and fell in love with some fabric. It was farm animals in yoga positions. I had to have some and tracked yardage down at It's been ordered and is winging its way across the ocean to me.

BUT, I also had a quick peek on E Bay and managed to pick up a FQ of the same fabric over here in the UK

along with frogs in yoga poses that are adorable.

The reason I couldn't wait for the fabric from the US to appear is that my Yoga partner in crime ( we started on the same day) has her birthday tomorrow. I just had to use this fabric for something for her.

I fussy cut some of the animals and bordered them . Sewed them together and she will now have a new mug rug for her desk.

I used the other fabric for the back ( the frogs I'm keeping for myself)

The quilting was fairly simple. Just a cross hatch, leaving the fussy cuts alone. I couldn't decide whether to quilt in a non metallic gold or a pale blue. I decided on both. The blue in one direction and the gold in the other.

And that's it. A few hours work this afternoon.

The yardage that's on the way from the US includes another fabric in the range and will become a lap quilt for me to use in class.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Scattered Stars

With thanks to SusanPrincess my practise block UFO has been renamed Scattered Stars.

As you can see I decided to round the corners to match the border

I know I showed some pictures of the quilting in the last post but I've since taken some better ones. Apart from the blue circles in the blue part of the border, it's all quilted in white with a mixture of feathers, straight (ish) lines, FMQ and circles.

The quilt finishes at approx 30" square and is my second finish for 2017.