Friday, 11 May 2018

Gone Crazy and I Like It

I've long admired my friend across the water Renee's stunning crazy quilting. I've always fancied a go but hadn't a clue where to start. When she posted, via Facebook, a link to Kathy's blog and a beginners course I jumped in with both feet.
When I saw the picture of the bock we were making I will admit to thinking I'd made a huge mistake, but Kathy held all our hands through the internet and slowly the block emerged.

A plain crazy block started to get fancy stitching on the  seams and I lost my fear of French Knots.


The following weeks saw Ribbon flowers and leaves

 And finally beads, sequins, buttons and lace bits

 The lace butterfly was very white, too white for the block so I ran a lilac wax crayon over it. When I put the hairdryer on it to melt the wax into the lace the wings came up and made it 3D. Total fluke.

And still on the frame, the final reveal.

And here it is now. Bound and sitting up on my sewing room wall.

And as for my future Crazy quilting. Well I've just signed up for Kathy's Intermediate Embellishing with threads course and plan on making a larger wall hanging so watch this space.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Playing catchup

Doesn't time fly when you are busy running around with appointments and things. I know I haven't had much time to sew in the last few weeks as the days seemed to be over very quickly. as a result I'm behind on just about everything. My to do list runs into two sides of an A4 sheet of paper and that's just the sewing one!

The one SAL I've just about kept up with is the Rainbow Block quilt run by Alison over at Little Bunny Quilts.

The last post I did on this I had just finished the orange churn dash

 Well since then, and thanks mainly to a guild sewing day I've managed to finish the yellow flying geese ( a different version to Alison's block due to the size of my scraps)

The green Sawtooth Stars ( yes they are all green even though some appear yellow)

 and the blue bow ties which I've deliberately kept at light/medium blue.

Now here is where Alison's quilt and my quilt will differ. I am putting in a row of Indigo ( or very dark blue). I've decided on 9 patches for this row.

As I've decided to do Indigo this week instead of the violet bear paws that the rest of the SAL participants are doing I've fallen behind slighty. I may get around to doing the missing blocks later in the week but I'm not too bothered as next week is a catch up week.

Where I am ahead though is that I've started to put my quilt together.

Sorry about the patch of sun. We are going through a period of dry, hot weather over here in Wales and we are all in shock and unable to cope :)

The first seven rows are finished and sewn together. The other rows will be added once I've done the violet blocks. I'm aiming to get the top finished next week. I know exactly how I want to quilt it. Hint, It'll be very simple but probably not very quick.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Baby Mystery Quilt

Back last year I took the plunge and joined my local Modern Quilt Guild. Well not exactly my local but near enough and its on a day that suits me. To be honest I wasn't sure if the all sew together environment would suit me and my anxieties but I'm fallen lucky in that the whole group is made of very welcoming ladies and I feel completely at home. I really look forward to my Sunday of sewing each month. 

Anyway I digress. Last month we did a mystery quilt based on the disappearing nine patch block. I'm afraid I didn't take many pictures but we made 9 nine patch blocks ( using 5" charms)  and using a further 18 neutral charm squares came up with this. I used brights and scrappy low volume for my neutral.

 I managed to finish the top in group and as I didn't have too much else to do ( who am I kidding) I pinned and quilted in the week or so that followed.

I did straight lines across the top following the corners and centres of the small squares. I then did a motif in the centre of the square on point. I also did half the motif in the edge neutral triangles. All in a pale grey.

I found an alphabet print in my stash for the backing

and used a spotty print for the binding. 

I now need to find a child/baby to gift this one too. 

Hopefully in this month's meeting in a week or so's time there will be a parade of these. I'll try and remember to get a picture of them all. 

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Year of Scrappy Triangles

The final (well for now) sew along I'm trying to keep up with is over on Leila's blog.

Every week for a year she's posting a new paper pieced half square triangle design. I didn't start this until a month or so ago but it's been going since last autumn. We are on week 28 now I think and there will be 52 in total. 

Again in an effort to tackle my ever growing scrap pile I've decided to do all the triangles in plain white on the one half and scrappy blue on the other. 

This is my overflowing blue basket so it'll be interesting to see what it looks like at the end. 

 Anyway in no particular order the triangles so far are

Well these are the first 27. ( and yes Winnie and friends were fussy cut). I've yet to do this weeks. 
As you can see none are complicated, although some are more involved than others and at 6" finished they make up pretty quickly. 

I'm not 100% how I'm going to arrange them as a final quilt but as I'm adding each block into EQ it means I can play around with the setting before making my final decision.