Friday, 19 June 2015

A Trip around the Garden

Over here in the UK it's National Flower Week and  time to celebrate the garden. So, as I've not much on the sewing front to show I thought I'd put up a few pics of my garden.

First up my favourite rose. I can't for the life of me remember what it's called but it's a climber and smells heavily of Turkish Delight.

Some Lillies in a pot on the patio. I keep them in a pot so I can keep away the slugs which love the new shoots.

My border by the patio which is full of Grandma's Bonnets/Aquilegias. I have about 20 different varieties spread around the garden

And a close up of my favourite

My new greenhouse. It's only been up a couple of months and is already full of tomatoes, peppers and chillies. I've a small fruit and vegetable plot around the outside.

My little woodland corner. It needs some updating and I'll be working on it towards the end of the year.

Quite a few years ago I did a horticulture course at a local college. One of the perks was being able to bring home all the plants I propagated. One of these was a small Hebe which I planted by my pond. It's growing through an Acer, or the Acer is growing through it, and the effect is really nice.

At this time of  year it's covered in small white flowers, which in turn are covered in bees and hoverflies

Talking of ponds, in the spring we always have a pair of visitors to the garden.

We've named the Derek and Delilah and have become semi tame. They are quite happy for us to be in the garden at the same time as long as we don't get too close. They don't nest here though which I'm glad about as I doubt that I could protect them from my neighbours cats. Although my black lab Stan would try his best.

You'll notice there is a net on the pond. This is under the water so the ducks can swim but protects my fish from the other springtime visitor, the Heron. Given half a chance he would clean out my ponds so I have to protect them.

 I know it's only nature but I paid for these fish so I class them as mine. The ducks seem to think the same as they will also defend the pond against the heron.

Well that's the tour over. I hope you liked it. There'll be more pics as the time goes on as I'm in the process of redesigning it little by little. I'm currently taking a design course and will be practicing on my garden.

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