Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cotton And Steel Swap

As I've mentioned I'm taking part in a great number of swaps held on Instagram. They all revolve around a theme such as dogs, animals, fairy tales, Muppets etc. There are also a few fabric manufacturer swaps.
Now let me put my cards on the table. I am not a fan of alot of the new modern fabrics out there. I 'm an old fashioned girl....I like Batiks ( shock/horror). I know it's fashionable, and in some cases obligatory to profess your love for Heather Ross, Tula Pink et al but I don't. Most of the designs leave me cold and will only find their way into my stash if they've been gifted to me.
I do have an exception to this though. I love all Cotton and Steel fabrics, well nearly all so that's why I decided to sign up for the Cotton and Steel swap. The aim is simple, a mini quilt made with 70% Cotton and Steel fabrics.
I had my partner details and have been busy designing. I will admit though that my partner's choices and likes weren't inspiring to me and I've been struggling. Luckily she dropped out and I have a new partner.
I would like to put it on record that I LOVE my new partner. Straight away her likes gave me so much scope for designing a quilt for her. It also meant I had an excuse to buy more fabric, and who doesn't love an excuse.
So today, after conquering the mountain of ironing I shall be starting the new mini. Yes I know but I have to do it as we've nothing to wear

The design, drawn out in EQ

and the fabrics, only the white isn't Cotton and Steel

If all goes according to plan the quilt will finish at 24" x 24" and because I want my points spot on I'll be foundation piecing this.
Well the ironing calls so off I go to start another day.


  1. Really like your design - will look fab in your C+S fabrics - didn't know there was a dog themed swap!

  2. Looks like fun, glad you ended up with a partner that inspired you :)

  3. I'm so glad you love my preferences. Now I love your mini... win-win! :)


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