Thursday, 25 June 2015

Just like Christmas

My hubby's words not mine today as I received two swap parcels.

First up was the Tealovers Swap. Now this one has been in the mail for nearly two months. Luckily my partner, Michelle had it tracked so I knew it wasn't lost, as such. What a journey it's been on though to get from New Mexico to Wales. It's been to nearly every state in the US, some more than once. It even spent three weeks in Brazil. The reason?

Well USPS in their infinite wisdom decided my partner didn't want to send to Wales in the UK but Wallis and Futura Islands instead. No wonder it's been on a tour of the world. I doubt very much there's a Caerphilly in Wallis and Futura, where ever that is.
Anyway no real harm done and amazingly everything was intact

A pair of great owl mugs and an owl mug rug.

Next box of goodies from the post man was my Cotton and Steel Quilt Swap. Wow did I hit the jackpot with this  one. I feel so blessed with what Heather my partner sent me.

 Fabric, chocolate, minion candy, lip balm, sewing notions
 notepad, pencils (I'll be using both of these for my gardening course), quilting magazine
 a gorgeous little stitchery
 postcards from her area and a name badge. I can never find things with my name on so I'm in awe of this.
 A windchime
 and finally the main event, the quilt.
I asked for a quilt that showed off whichever fabric was used and I think she's nailed it

I don't know if you can see in the pics but it's been quilted with metallic thread.
I'm now going to find space in my sewing room to put it up. I'll have to show some pics of my sewing room as the walls are covered in mini's I've received in swaps.

I'm afraid the chocolate and candy has been acquired by the daughter but I've managed to keep hold of everything else.

The windchime has gone up in my greenhouse where it can tinkle away whilst protected from the worse of the Welsh weather.

If you look closely you can see my greenhouse guardian, Quentin the Gorilla that my daughter bought me a few years ago. He looks after my plants when I'm not around. He's just one of the garden ornaments that I've scattered around the place.

I also had a delivery of charms today

I'll be using these over the next few weeks on swap quilts that I have to send out. I@m going to be a bit busy.


  1. And I tgiught the confusion between Bangor in Wales snd Bangor in n ireland was bad enough. Just looked over from the blog hop , nice to someone else from the uk . Love all your garden photos

  2. You did get a wonderful haul. Enjoy your treasures.


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