Friday, 26 June 2015

No More Fairy Tales For Me Please

The next swap I'm working on is the Fairy Tale Swap. I've done a few of these over the past few months.

A cushion based on Red Riding Hood in an all crafts Fairy Story swap. My partner, like me liked the dark tales. The words on the top and bottom are.....Grandma what big teeth you have. All the better to eat you with my dear.

A mini based on Alice In Wonderland for a Story Book Swap. I quilted in various motifs from the tale.......playing cards, Mad Hatters Hat, Cheshire Cat's grin etc. I also quilted in I'm late and We are all mad here

 Red Riding Hood again, this time for the Fairy Tale Mug Rug swap. The words here  are ....What big eyes you have.

I'm just about out of inspiration on this subject now, so after this one no more fairy tales for me.

So what have I come up with this time.

Well again on the theme of Alice in Wonderland, a wholecloth mini quilt

I need to trim and bind but it's all done. I've quilted the background and left the motifs unquilted, just outlined. I've used two layers of wadding so the unquilted parts pop up

So we have the Cheshire Cat's grin in the tree

And the symbols of the playing cards. I've coloured these in using wax crayons and ironing them to set

Oops this one has rotated sorry but it's Alice. I've also lightly coloured the tree.

I'm also going to make an extra on the theme of Snow White. I plan on doing Snow White and the Evil Queen as stitcheries. I may or may not colour some of them in. I'll then put them either side of a pouch or basket. Or I may turn them into a mug rug. I'm undecided.

Well that's it for today. I'm off visiting a Rose Garden tomorrow so no sewing. Weather man says rain on Sunday so I'll probably spend the day in my sewing room.


  1. Oh, these are too cool! I love that you are a fan of the old-fashioned not-so-happy-ending original fairy tales. My favorite block is the wolf at the top...fantastic. These are wonderfully original.

  2. These are brilliant . The red riding hood really bring out the dark side snf the slice is brilliant . I love the original Alice rather than the Disney version . Are you really going to gift the whole cloth ? I never done whole cloth but have thiught about it.


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