Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Doing the Happy Dance

Yes I'm doing the Carlton Dance right now. Why?

The beast is finished. 

 All bound using the same fabric as the backing
All folded up and ready to go to it's new home

For those not familiar with the quilt, this is a 10ft x 10ft super king sized sampler quilt, quilted on my domestic machine,  that I have a love/hate relationship with. You can see more pictures of it HERE.

This is another off my FAL Q3 list and I'll be linking up to various linky's shown here when the time comes.


  1. It turned out absolutely fabulous Gina! Holy Dinah on the size. You should be very very proud of this "beast" that is a beauty!

  2. Mega congrats and thanks for including the carlton dance video!

  3. Wow - a super king! Don't know that I'd tackle such a huge quilt on my domestic. The biggest I've done is 80 x 100. It's beautiful, Gina. Thanks for stopping by WIPs Be Gone

  4. Loved the Carlton dance , saw "Carlton " and will smith and graham norton dance last year in tv . Brilliant
    Well done in finishing the beast , will you miss it ?

  5. Well Gina, it's a beauty! But all that quilting on such a huge quilt - no wonder you have a love/hate relationship with it. And it's not for you - I do hope it's for someone special. xx

  6. Gina, this is so fantastically beautiful!! Are you breathing again yet? ;D I can well imagine the challenges of working with something this large and the never-ending nature of the job. What an amazing gift that's sure to be treasured. That border fabric is sensational on it.

  7. :) I wanted to come see it again from the thumbnails on the Finish-Along linkup.

  8. What a great finish!!

    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*


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