Friday, 24 July 2015

Fly my Pretty

With a few days to spare I've finished my Broadway Swap quilt.

My partner likes The Wizard of Oz and Wicked, amongst others, so I decided to make a wall hanging on this theme. I was lucky enough to get hold of a set of seven fat quarters on the theme of Wizard of Oz and I've used these as the main theme of the quilt.

I played around with a few designs but settled on handsewing some hexagons together and then hand appliqueing them onto a black background. I used hexagons as it's a play on the word Hex, which is another word for the curse a Witch puts on you, which also ties in with the theme of the film. 
I left four of the hexagons a plain black so I could embroider the characters needs on them. 

After quilting in the ditch using monofilament I appliqued a black witches hat at the bottom of the quilt.

At the top I machine appliqued a pair of shiny red shoes using a sparkly fabric 

which left shiny red sequins all over my iron. Cue a load of obscene language.

Luckily the slave was available to pick them all off using a pair of tweezers.

I bound the quilt in black, using a red insert just to lift the quilt slightly.

 I've a bit of fabric left over so I think I'll make a zippered pouch with it as an extra and then it'll be packed up and in the mail tonight.


I've made my pouch as the extra for the swap

 I used some more squares of fabric in a random pattern for the outside and plain black for the inside.

I used a tassel and a wicked witch charm as zipper pulls

This is another of my listed finishes for the FAL3.

I'll be linking up to various sited that you can find listed HERE


  1. Oh what fun - I love that you found Wizard of Oz fabrics!

  2. Looks as fantastic in the finish as it did in the making . The lime and black really sing out in this , just like Dorothy herself . Your iron made me laugh . When I bought my iron in Lakeland they told me it has a lifetime guarantee - my lifetime not an iron lifetime - nearly makes it a challenge !

  3. Very nice! I love all of the details you added.

  4. Great quilt Gina - I love the shoes. xx

  5. That's a really clever one. Nicely done.

  6. So cute!! Love the bag with the black tassle, like a silky broomstick! The shoes really do set off the quilt, definitely worth the effort.

  7. Very Nice! This is guaranteed to make the recipient very happy. May I suggest trying something before tweezers next time....I in a used dryer sheet to clean your iron. That would probably get sequins off. I'm constantly getting junk on my iron and that trick always works.

    Thanks for sharing and playing along with the FAL. Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad.


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