Sunday, 19 July 2015

FNSI ( and Sunday Morning)

SO I decided to join Wendy and most of the sewing world in the Friday Night Sew In . Ok so my Friday night was probably Australia's Saturday Morning and the US's Friday morning but I was there in spirit. ( and this morning but as that's not Friday so doesn't count )
I even put my best PJ's on for the occasion.

and then settled down to work on THE quilt. Yes that one.
 By the way hubby weighed it just for a joke. It weighs 7lbs! My daughter didn't weigh that much when she was born

 See you can get to the centre of a 120" quilt. It's not easy but you can

But look at this

Yes, my sewing table is all empty. That can only mean one thing. No I haven't cut it up for dusters, but it was close once or twice.


It's done ( and facing the wrong way on the sofa) Lets not count the fact that I need to bind it. That'll be a wrestling match for another day.

OK time to prepare yourself for loads of pics of the blocks and quilting. No apologies given.

I think this deserves a large glass of wine and a bar of chocolate, don't you?

( When it's got it's binding on I'll edit/update this and link to FAL Q3 as one of my finishes)
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  1. Wow! I'm thinking glass of wine is OK but a single bar of chocolate isn't enough to celebrate this one :) I loved looking at your blocks and your quilting. I'm afraid I'm a wimp. I don't want to contemplate quilting that large a quilt on my domesic machine, let alone attempting that dense quilting!

  2. Great work on your lovely quilt. I love it and the quilting is just divine. I just it when a long term project is finished.

  3. This is beautiful work! Your quilting really enhances the design.

  4. Your quilt and the quilting is just beautiful.

  5. Wow! that is such a lovely quilt and great quilting too - well done!

  6. It's gorgeous!!! Great job!

  7. That is very impressive and beautiful quilting. That's a challenge doing on your machine, well done! Colours, shapes and especially quilting, just lovely.

  8. That is very impressive and beautiful quilting. That's a challenge doing on your machine, well done! Colours, shapes and especially quilting, just lovely.

  9. Wow, your quilt is stunning, I take it from your comments this has been a labour of love! Well done, I hope you now get to admire and love it for years to come!

    1. THank you. It's actually being gifted to some one as to be honest it's not my style

  10. Oh!! Nicely done!!! What a great quilting job. My largest was a 98 x 112, so you have me beat by quite a bit more. Just the binding to get on and you'll have a really lovely king size quilt! Kudos for sure!

  11. wow gorgeous. you are braver than I to tackle it but did a fabulous job!

  12. Impressive doing this wonderful quilting on a domestic machine. The binding is my least favorite part of any quilt! Hope it goes smoothly for you.

  13. Absolutely beautiful. What an accomplishment!

  14. Fabulous quilt Gina! Curved seams, appliqué, loads and loads of FMQ - you really deserved wine and chocolate. Best of luck with the binding. You will deserve ice cream for that.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv


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