Monday, 13 July 2015

One Hour Basket Swap Done

So the next swap I have to mail out is the One Hour Basket swap over on Instagram.

 This one is a simple one. Send out a One Hour Basket as designed by Kelby Sews, 2 notions and an extra. It's not a secret swap so my partner knows that it's me making for her. She's seen the basket but has no idea what else I'm sending her

So first up is the basket.

I used a pack of Tula Pink charm squares and some Kona Snow to make the basket.

I sewed eight together for the base of the basket, and appliqued it onto the white to give a curved effect.
After I trimmed it to size I attached the trimmings to the main body of the basket using the quilting to secure them.

 I alternated the colourings so the purple/green trimmings are on the pink/orange side and vice versa.

The lining was made in two halves with a pocket on the one side for contrast. I brought the lining up on top of the basket so the orange dots are on the pink/orange side and the green polka dots are on the green/purple side. Again for contrast and I also like the effect of it looking like binding.

The second make for the swap and the surprise part will be this table runner.

 I used the remainder of the charm pack which I cut into mini charms.

It's based on the Scattered Squares pattern  and I used the white from the basket to border them.

 I bordered the centre using the same charms in a piano key type border. I bound it in white and quilted it in a diagonal cross hatch pattern using white thread.

It was only after I'd put it together I realised that I'd made some extra work for myself. I bordered each charm individually as in the pattern and then sewed them together. What I should have done was to sew four patches and then sashed/bordered them. Never mind it's all worked out anyway and I wasn't planning on doing anything else yesterday.

This is my second finish for the Finish A Long  Quarter 3 hosted by Adrienne

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  1. That basket is just adorable. Did it really only take about a hour to finish? I've never tried to make a basket or small pouch before. I could probably turn that into a several hour project.

  2. Very cute basket and table runner! Your partner should be thrilled!

  3. Great swap projects! I've seen the one hour basket making it rounds on instagram also. I've been tempted but haven't made one yet.

  4. Beautiful finishes for your swap partner. She will love them!

  5. Beautiful finishes for your swap partner. She will love them!

  6. OOh wish I was your swap partner. What beauties - loved them all. Nice job on the machine applique.

  7. You are a great swap partner!!! Beauties.

  8. A very cool basket. Mine took ages, and would be better described as a two hour floppy containerish object. It was such a fail, it hasn't made it into blogland until now. Hopefully you receive a wonderful basket back from your swap partner.

  9. Lovely basket and a beautiful table runner.

  10. The basket is darling and I LOVE the table runner!

  11. Nice projects. I have that basket on my list somewhere too :)

  12. I really like both of these projects; can't go wrong with Tula + white! I have that basket on my list...

  13. Great projects! Love the texture of the quilting on your table runner too. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!


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