Tuesday, 28 July 2015

RHS Tatton Park Garden Show

Saturday morning at 5:00am does exist, take it from me as that was the time I was up and about. We set off for the show at 6:00am for the 3 hour drive. We stopped off for coffee which I somehow managed to throw around the inside of the car and spent most of the journey trying to clean it up.
Anyway we got there in one piece, and smelling faintly of coffee, we hit the show.

 One of my favourite gardens was the Day of the Dahlia. Great colours and I'm now trying to work out where to put a skull in the garden.

Whereas hubby liked the water gardens and has huge pond envy now.

I loved these water sculptures and they are on my " when I win the Lottery" list. 

I loved the hair of this cow in the children's category.

The invisible shed was the hit of the show I think. It was full of glitter balls inside.

There were loads of plant stalls ready to help you part with your money

These were my favourite orchids but the hubby has banned me from buying anymore. I have far too many as it is and I'm running out of room for them. 

But he couldn't stop me from buying this Hosta

 For the Crochet lovers amongst you how about these flowers

and just so you can see how large they really were

Right I'm off to paint the shed

 There are more show pictures on my gardening blog, link in the side bar.


  1. Oh WOW Gina! I googlemapped Knutsford and is it ever close to Manchester, where my uncle lives! Those orchids--!! And that shed makes me want one even though I'm not a fan of sheds. The SIZE of the crocheted flowers, gasp! Thanks for these-quilters are often inspired by Mother Nature, and so I guess you should have that Hosta!!

  2. Great pictures Gina - I want both of the sheds please! Looks like a great day out. xx

  3. We watched it in gardeners world in Friday night, looked great . I've been to Chelsea but the crowds were horrendius the tv is probably best ! Would love to go Hampton court flower show as well as tatton park


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