Thursday, 2 July 2015

Swaps done

For this week anyway

Villains Swap

Harley Quinn is all quilted and bound. I decided to bind it in white to pick up the centre strip.

Now to show the great secret. The centre strip is appliqued on as it was an after thought once I'd pieced it. I'm glad I did this as it frames the piece perfectly. It's been quilted simply. FMQ in the background and parallel lines in the borders. 

Fairytale Swap

Alice has been bound in the same fabric as I've used for the quilt.

Remember the stitcheries of Snow White and the Queen.

I coloured in just the lips and hair for Snow White and the lips and crown for the queen. Using some Cotton and Steel fabric I then made them into a basket as an extra for my partner.

These are off in the mail today for the long journey to their new homes


  1. Oh, these turned out great!! Brings back great memories. Loved those fairytales.

  2. Oh I LOVE the Harley Quinn! She's my fave villain!

  3. I think the addition of the white strip was brilliant! It does really set it off. Nice bold piece in general. I love it!

  4. Hello Gina,

    The Alice quilt is a real tease - I can just make out her outline. Lovely FMQ on both your swap quilts. I'm sure the new owners will be delighted with them.

    As for the queen, you really made her look evil!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks.



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