Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Two beginnings.......

So it's all Beth's fault. I was over there to add this blog to her linky and she mentioned a Mystery Quilt a long over at Meadow Mist Designs. I don't normally do Mysteries. I'm a control freak and the thought of not knowing what I'm doing drives me to distraction. I had a nose around the site though and loved the last mystery so thought why not?

It only needs four fabrics and they all came out of my stash.

Because I wasn't sure if I had quite enough of the fabrics I decided to use two different fabrics for each colour way. The bottom fabric was an end of bolt of which I have loads of. I love the colours in it but until now haven't had a chance to use it. All the pieces are cut and I await next month with anticipation.

The next quilt is also a Mystery and this time it's Kathy's fault. She mentioned a new BOM at Turning Twenty, I followed the link and found myself registering for it. Although this is a mystery they've stated that all the blocks will be stars and as I love stars in a quilt I had to go for it.

Again I've managed to pull the fabric from my stash.

I'm working on the principle of a dark, medium, light and background so there's two blues/aquas, a pattern and two pinks. The background is the pale grey blue at the bottom of the picture. The first block has been published so that'll be done tonight.

The Wizard of Oz quilt is coming along slowly. I've done five out of the eleven rows

I've just noticed that big blob of green, I think that's where I'll be putting one of the appliques once it's finished. I'm pleased with how quickly this is going together as I'm only really working on it first thing in the morning. Hopefully I can get it all together by the weekend.


  1. Oh I love mystery quilts. Just have fun with them!

  2. I'm doing this one too - my first mystery quilt - am very curious hoe it all turns out already! Great fabrics for it

  3. I love mystery quilts too - hope you enjoy yours, you have picked some lovely fabrics. xx


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