Sunday, 23 August 2015

I must be mad

I've been seeing quite a few people both in blogland and on Instagram sewing Heaven and Earth Designs. If you've never seen any of their cross stitch designs take a look as they are amazing.

Anyway I was looking through the website the other day and the hubby wandered over to see what I was doing. " Oh I really like that one " he said. "Why don't you get it, you haven't done any real stitching for ages". So like a fool I bought it.

30 pages of pattern and 3 pages of thread lists from my poor printer,and the design is only 25" by 25".

So what was the design

Yes ladies I am mad.
There are 88 different colours in this design and it uses 30, yes 30 skeins of black. It'll be done on 25 count linen over one thread and it'll probably destroy my eyes. You can find the design HERE

Having not got many threads I've had to order in most of what's needed and they came this week, along with the linen.

At 625 x 625 stitches I think it's going to take all week just to grid the linen.

On another front my hexagon quilt is growing

I need to prepare some more hexies so I can continue. This is my morning and car park project. I'm up at 6am each morning and after I've walked Stan I have an hour to myself before I take the daughter to work. I can either get a rosette done or attach one to the quilt in this time. I can also part make a rosette while I'm waiting in the car for Gemma to come out of work, and yes I do get some strange looks from others in the car park.
I'll be linking up to Kathy's Quilts Slow Stitching Sunday  and hopefully will be able to post progress of the Nebula cross stitch each week although I think I'll need to name my posts extremely slow stitching.


  1. That will be a wonderful counted cross stitched project when it is finished. I'll enjoy watching your progress.

  2. Oh, that is just beautiful Gina! I'll enjoy watching this one progress over time. Your hex quilt is lovely with the pops of yellow.

  3. Love the scrappy hexies! A great use of time and hopefully the waiting is a bit more enjoyable.

  4. Good luck with that cross stitch Gina. It's incredible. You are making nice headway on your hexies as well.

  5. Well I think that you just might have picked the most complicated slow stitching project ever : )

  6. Oh my... that pile of threads makes me giddy! What a huge challenge you are undertaking you brave soul!

  7. Maybe you are mad. I am in the midst of a 6 page cross-stitch design that I am making for my son. Of course I have another in the wings for my daughter. Although I am enjoying doing the first one I am already one year in. Enjoy your stitching but that is an awful lot of black. Wow.

  8. If you weren't mad before you started that cross-stitch, you will be before you finish. LOL Would love to do the sunflower and bee for my daughter. Not going to happen. Looking forward to your progress on both projects.

  9. I wouldn't be giving strange looks in the car park...I'd be giving nosey looks. I do like those hexies.

    Yes, you are mad but that cross stitch should keep you busy for a while ! Have fun.

  10. Wow! It will be beautiful when done.

  11. Oh my, I will love to see your pregress with the Nebula cross stitch project.. Great you are having progress with your Hexies. Have a great Slow Sunday Stitching.

  12. Nebula is definitely not a project for the meek, is it? It will be gorgeous, even if slow. And your hexies, Love, Love, Love :)

  13. Oh. My. HEAVENS (pun intended) Gina!! I haven't heard of these...nope, ain't gonna happen here. Will be looking forward to seeing yours progress along the next while.

  14. You must be mad. 30 skeins of black???? I could make a hundred bed size quilts in the time it would take me to do this one piece! I know this because I started out counted cross stitching when I was young, a million years ago.

    Having said that, it will be unbelievably incredible when you finish it! And worth a gajillion dollars, I mean, pounds (even more valuable!).

    You go, girl!

  15. My. Word. :o That's.... not a photograph? THAT'S a cross-stitch pattern?! *whimpers* But it will look FABulous when it's done. :D

    The hexies look lovely, and high-five for unashamed patchworking in public, too! I like doing things like hand-finishing binding in cafes, it's funny the looks you get. :)


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