Thursday, 13 August 2015

My fish need a Patronus

What a week. Not much sewing done as I've been spending a load of time working in the garden. To be honest I hadn't planned it that way but we've had an unwanted visitor. More of that later.

I've finished my Hogwarts/Harry Potter swap quilt.

 and the back
My partner named her favourite part of Harry Potter as the Snape dying and the "Always" quote.
As a result I decided to quilt a wand with Snape's Patronus leaping out using metallic threads.

Here's some better pics of the quilting

 I used a lot of metallics on this. The wand is grey thread with silver metallic banding and outlining. The wording is outlined in silver as is the symbol. I used two layers of wadding. The first backed the fabric for the wording, wand, symbol and some of the silver and gold stitching coming from the wand. I then sandwiched the whole thing as normal for the background quilting, appliqueing the white doe and adding some more lines. This is when my metallics started to play up. They were ok going through the one layer of wadding but they didn't like two. I had an horrendous number of breakages. Luckily I wasn't doing too much on the second quilting. I used a Kona grey for the binding. This is another finish from my FALQ3 list and will be mailed out tomorrow. I'll be linking up to this and various other linkys listed here

Anyway back to my visitor. The Heron.

He/she had been back and fro for a while but he's been fairly nervous and I've always managed to frighten him off.

  Yes I'm watching you.

Well earlier this week I was having a coffee on the patio and taking some snaps of the garden when

This is just before he stuck his head in one of my ponds and stole a fish. I didn't even know he was there. The ponds are now better protected ( hopefully) as we've put a fence around them which will stop him reaching in. They won't fly straight into a pond, they like to land some way off and walk in so hopefully this fence ( now it's planted properly and not higgledy piggledy like in the pic) will prevent him taking any more of my fish.

Either that or they are going to have to learn the Expecto Patronus spell. I wonder what the Patronus of a fish would be, a shark perhaps?


  1. Your block is fabulous! We love the Harry Potter series. (We actually read the last 3 hours of the first book to our boys by candlelight many years ago when the power went out. It's a fun memory!) I do love herons, but I don't think I would like them as much if they were eating fish out of my pond. I hope the fence works for you!

  2. That quilt is to die for Gina! Your design and your quilting are just over the top! I will have to get my daughter to visit this post to see it. Your garden is just gorgeous, as is the heron, but he needs to understand you are not offering him a smorgasbord for his plucking delight, ha! Love how you tied the entire post together.

  3. Goodness how cheeky the heron is ! Interesting but cheeky
    I love your Harry potter quilt , your swap partners are always soooooo lucky

  4. Nicely done! I love Harry Potter quilts and yours a great interpretation!

  5. Your metallic threadwork is spot on! Such imaginative work! Thank you for linking up to the Pet Project Show today.

    I am sorry for your visitor stealing from you ponds. Around here those lousey things also spread parasites that affects our fish. They may be beautiful, but they're still pretty nasty to me.

  6. What a great design for this moment! I really like the sense of illumination you achieve with the linear metallic quilting coming out of the end of the wand.

  7. So glad you linked this up with the Pet Project Show at Pink Doxies! Thank you.

  8. Lovely quilt Gina - great theme. Lovely to have a heron too although stealing your fish is not on!! Good idea to put a fence around. xx

  9. Your quilt is beautiful! I'm visiting as part of the 2015 Finish Along official cheerleading squad.


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