Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Sewing Machine is in there somewhere

There seems to be a trend at the moment for showing your sewing room/space, started by Amy who's just re organised hers. Well I was going to show you mine last week but it needed a huge clean up first.

These are the before photos so feel free to skip past them

My room is what's known as the Box Room or the smallest bedroom. It's about 8ft x 8ft square and looks out over the end of the street.
It took me two days to clean it up, but it does mean I've now got space to sew again.

This is my villains corner with some pics of Loki from the Marvel films. I must admit to having a bit of a crush on Tom Hiddlestone and he's by far the reason why I watch the films.There's also a cross stitch pic of Gru from Despicable Me that was sent in a swap and a tea towel of Maleficent, the best Disney baddie ever. If you look closely you can also see the Wicked Queen's crown and poisoned Apple, also sent to me in a swap.

Under the Tea Towel is my Singer hand powered sewing machine. This was given to me by a gentleman I used to look after. According to the Singer website it was made in Glasgow in 1902. The gentleman who gave it to me was in his 90's and it was his grandmother's. It's still working although I lack the co ordination to sew on it for long.

 My stash in all the drawers, FQ's in one basket. scraps in the other. The white containers contain my WIPs/UFOs, tops that need quilting and my cross stitch/embroidery stuff. THe bags in the bottom corner are extras for swaps.

The top shelf serves as my Altar and the bottom has all my buttons, charms, trims etc. All in jars. You can see some of the mini's I've been sent on the wall.

 Some of the extras from swaps that I've been sent now live on my windowsill, just the other side of my ironing board that is permanently up.
 My cutting table is now clear. My quilting books are on the shelf and the quilt of Maleficent that I received in a swap on the wall. The drawers contain all my threads and are colour co ordinated. The boxes on top contain my variegated quilting threads,  metallic threads and black and white threads. The piles on my table are the three WIPs I am working on at the moment, the jars contain my pins.
 My sewing table, I've found my machine. The feathered Star quilt is the only quilt on the walls of my sewing room that I made. All the rest are ones that have been sent to me. The chest of drawers next to my machine are used as a table to keep my thread on the spool holder and any spare bobbins for the project I'm working on. The top drawer is all sewing machine related - spare feet, needles, empty bobbins, scissors etc. The second drawer is stationery, the third 2.5" squares for a postage stamp style of quilt, the bottom drawer contains 5" squares for my hexagon quilt.

I've put an over the door ironing station up which holds all my rulers and quilting templates. You can also see my calendar which I can stare at when I'm sewing. Yes he's semi naked and yes he's a Royal Marine. It's my traditional calendar that I buy each year for charity. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it
 After having a good clean I've now a pile of mini quilts that have been sent to me in swaps that I need to put up.


  1. Fun to see where you hang! I need to do some straightening as well. Love that feathered star & some good eye candy going on to its right;)

  2. My sewing room often looks like your before pictures. I'm also in the smaller guest bedroom (formerly my daughter's bedroom). It's about 9 X 10 feet, and I look into the street. It gets afternoon light which is nice in the evening. I can see what I'm doing. I'm always trying to get more organized because I'm always loosing things.


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