Thursday, 1 October 2015

An Octopus's Garden

Another of my swap commitments was the Under The Ocean swap on Instagram. The rules were to name three ocean animals/plants and then your partner either made a quilt featuring all three or three items featuring each favourite.
I was lucky as my partner said that she loved all sea creatures, although sea turtles were their favourite, and I had carte blanche to do whatever I wanted.

I decided on a semi mixed media wall quilt of a slice of the ocean

THe background is rows of HSTs in a chevron pattern until it gets to where the sea meets the sky. The sky is a random pattern of squares. 

The octopus of the title is a fabulous charm/pendant I found and he sits on the coral reef.
 More charms, this time bright fish play in the coral on the other side. The coral is Silk Throwers Waste and it was a nightmare to sew down as it kept getting caught in my foot. It gives a great effect though.
 The seaweed is rough cut Space Dyed Mulberry Bark in greens/blues and oranges. I used free motion to attach it to the background, intentionally leaving the edges rough. I also pulled some of the silk waste into it.

 I blatently stole the idea of a desert island from a blog friend, but it didn't seem complete without Robinson Crusoe

A pod of playful dolphins leaping in and out of the water.

Seahorses hanging on to more seaweed. This seaweed was ripped pieces of batik sewn down.

 More coral and seaweed

And my monster jelly fish made from ribbons and chiffon.

As my partner loves sea turtles and I didn't have much room left on the quilt for one I made a little extra using some left over HST's from the quilt.

A sea turtle mug rug.

 I free drew an outline of a sea turtle and then quilted in some detail.
 I then used a wavy parallel matchstick quilting pattern to echo waves.

This is another project to cross off my FAL3 list and is currently winging it's way across the ocean to my partner. 

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  1. I really love this! What a lucky partner!

  2. Your creativity really shines in these pieces. I want that little mug rug myself.

  3. Wow, you have serious creativity! This loks wonderful.

  4. Awesome!!! You did a great job. So creative!!!! Lucky partner.

  5. Congratulations Gina, this is a fantastic result. I love the way you have grouped the dolphins and the creative use of all those other materials.

  6. I just love under the sea themes. Your partner lucked out. The Octopus' Garden is amazing! Every detail is fantastic. The mug rug is darling, too. Beautiful, beautiful work!

  7. Gina, this is AMAZING! :D The creativity in it is wonderful, and the various materials come together delightfully. Have to admit to some jealousy, but mostly just really enjoying gazing at all the photos for it. Nicely done, indeed!

  8. Your quilt is wonderful. Ironically I'm about to embark on a row by row with the same theme... I don't think it will look like yours when I get it back!

  9. Oh why wasn't this made for me ! This is my all time favourite of your swaps .

  10. Great work - this definitely looks like under the ocean.


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