Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dieters Look Away Now Please

So yesterday was a day spent chained to the oven in a bid to fill the cake tins. I had my list

So it begins. 

First up is an apple and almond cake, which is great served with custard or ice cream

 While that was baking in the oven I made a couple of batches of Welsh Cakes, also called bakestones as you bake them on an iron 'stone' on top of the cooker. Mine is my great grandmothers and was made for her by my great grandfather in the blacksmiths shop at the local coal mine.

Next up was a choc chip cookie cake. A new recipe to me. This is going with the daughter to her dance troop rehearsal so I'm looking forward to the feedback.

A family favourite, salted chocolate caramel brownie cake. This is best served with a spoon and icecream as it's very gooey.

That was the mornings baking done. It was cupcakes in the afternoon using the brilliant flavoured icing sugars from Sugar And Crumbs. I love these icing sugars they have an amazing taste to them.

First up chocolate cupcakes with Salted Caramel icing.

Next was choc chip cupcakes with Turkish Delight Icing

and finally Jaffa Cake cupcakes using Sugar and Crumbs orange flavoured cocoa powder in the icing and a spot of orange marmalade hidden in the cupcake.

Finally as it's the daughter 21st birthday today I made one of her favourite desserts

White chocolate cheesecake with summer berries

By the end of the day my to do list was all crossed off

and the cake tins were full.

I was shattered but Stan was happy as he got the (nearly) empty cream pot as a treat.


  1. I should have heeded your warning but could not resist a little food porn - and I was not disappointed!! Wow, what a lovely assortment :) And what a great way to end the post, that picture of Stan is to cute!

  2. After making so many beautiful quilt blocks on Friday and baking all day Saturday, I would be shattered, too! What a productive weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yum Yum. I used to bake quite a bit but have not been doing the last 2 years. The thought of washing up after the baking does not sound palatable to me. So now I am just sewing and quilting LOL

  4. You had a productive day of baking. Looks yummy!

  5. Oh yum! Fortunately I don't need to diet so I could appreciate all your deliciousness without feeling guilty. Yearning to get in the kitchen a bake now but the garden calls! Maybe later on. xx

  6. Love the idea of Jaffa cupcakes, I would have to fight the urge to eat them all. Ben likes the cream and yoghurt pots as well.

  7. Your place must smell so good! I spent the weekend peeling apples. Froze some pie filling to have on hand for the holidays, and applesauce as well..

    Those Jaffa's look amazing..

  8. Your Instagram photos made me hungry . I made a Victoria sponge on Sunday !

  9. Dear Stan,
    Please send cake!
    Pugs and kisses,
    Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug

  10. Okay, I lost a couple of pounds over the past week, but I just gained it back reading and drooling over this post!! Want recipes...LOVE the stone you've inherited. Cake tins are full...trying overflowing?! I'm sure the chocolate chip cake was a hit. As for Stan, glad he got a token offering. I cannot believe you made all this in just one day Gina! You are a whirling dervish in the kitchen as well as in the quilt room!! I have to do some baking today, um one thing, a dessert for tomorrow night's company we're having over, maybe some cookies I'd thought, and that would be plenty for one day for this girl!

  11. oh my Gina....what a delicious lot of yumminess! I would love to try the almond and apple cake as I am always looking for apple recipes for our abundance of apples from the orchard. Thanks for sharing your post at What's For Dinner Wednesday....for all food related posts! at Cath@Home. Your name will go into the Giveaway draw....Good Luck

  12. Hi, Gina. I'm popping in from Cath@Home. That was SOME baking day! Everything looks so beautiful and yummy.

  13. :o Wow. I think I want recipes for some of those! <3 Welsh cakes, I used to make them on the Aga when we lived somewhere that had one; otherwise I've made them in a sturdy frying pan, I don't own a bake-stone, alas. I used to make them sometimes to take into work when I lived in Germany and they always went down well. :)


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