Thursday, 29 October 2015

I think I may need an Intervention

Hello my name is Gina and I'm addicted to making mug rugs. Does anyone know of a 10 step programme.

Having already made a few this month I finished two more this week.

The first is made from the scraps of  one of the blocks shown HERE

I used pebbles to quilt the background and straight lines with pebbles for the spokes of the wheel. 

 The border was quilted with two parallel ( ish) lines filled with a line of bubbles/pebbles

This will sit on my emergency present pile.

The next mug rug was to add to a goody bag for a Birthday Swap. The person in question liked vintage style things so I managed to make this out of what was left from my Liberty fabrics.

I made up squares of two fabrics and sewed them together so the seams went horizontally and vertically.

 I quilted vertical and horizontal lines in the squares and a swirl in the border. I used a pink for the binding.

These will not be my last mug rugs though, I'm making one, maybe two, for my Golden Age of Hollywood Swap partner. Plus I'm doing a one on one mug rug swap with Leanne.

In my defence  I do love making mug rugs. They are quick and an ideal option to try out new techniques or use up some special scraps.

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  1. Don't look for an intervention from me - I'm a complete enabler. You are a champion mug rug maker!

  2. Your mug rugs are beautiful Gina! And as long as you enjoy making them, they probably store better than bed quilts :D I'm pretty sure your partner will love the vintage one, and the quilting on the pinwheel block is pretty cool!

  3. You squeezed a lot of quilting fun into that tiny little mug rug. Love it! Umm..10 step a fellow quilter I find we are more of enablers than interventionists :)

  4. These are lovely! I love the pinks and greens in the first one. I have done very, very little machine quilting, so I'm afraid I kind of froze with the mug rugs I was working on this week. I'm hand stitching one of them instead. Your quilting is gorgeous. I suppose I should just make the mug rugs learning experiences - practice makes perfect? Of course, if I gain confidence in quilting them, we may both need a 10 step program. ;)

  5. Having made a few mini mins, which are a lot like mug rugs, I can see why you are addicted.

  6. Your mug rugs are so beautiful - I have seen some real horrors! You have put a lot of thought into yours and the quilting is lovely. xx

  7. I'm with Kaelyn. No reprimands here! Love mug rugs, too. I add PUL to the final backing of mine to keep them waterproof (resistant at least), after I've finished my quilting. Also, I saw yesterday someone on Instagram mentioned they used a fabricgard product, maybe 3M to protect the fabric from staining. When I read that your used your Liberty scraps, I immediately thought I would probably hang that lovely piece rather than spill my tea on it. I haven't tried it yet, but thought I'd pass it on. Yours are too beautiful to destroy!

  8. I love how these came out. If you ever get tired of mug rugs, potholders and baby tag blankets are some other nice projects about that size.

  9. Adorable! Great quilting on your mug rugs.

  10. I think mug rugs are addictive for the exact reasons you put at the end of your post. And they are like fun fabric greeting cards. I say, keep having fun with them. Yours are so cute.

  11. Love your Liberty mug rug . Tiny tiny pieces . Now I'm glad I held on to the off cuts of the off cuts of the scraps of my library off cuts !

  12. Great mug rugs, Gina! I love the riot of colours with the Liberty prints.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv


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