Thursday, 8 October 2015

Mug Rugs

I love making mug rugs. They are so quick and make great presents. In the last few weeks I've made two which I haven't shown you.

The first was made from some spare hexagons in Liberty fabrics

I hand sewed them in four rows of four and off set them slightly. I then quilted around them close to the edges. In between the hexies I then quilted some small feathers. It was bound in some more liberty. I can't decide whether to send this off as an extra for a swap or keep it.

The other mug rug was sent off as part of a mug swap. My partner liked Batman and comic books in general. I forgot to take a pic of the mug but it was this one.
To go with it I decided to make a mug rug.
I drew the kapow in the style of the old cartoons/comics. As I was playing with the drawing though I drew in some shading to make the words more 3D. I decided to use this version instead of the flat one.
For the quilting I sewed around all the letters and the yellow smash shape. The background was quilted in grey in a very tight matchstick on the diagonal.

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  1. Zowie Batman! They are both great, but I love the Kapow mug rug. :)

  2. Love the sweet feathering between your liberty hexies, and that KAPOW really packs a punch! Good luck with your FAL goals too - you have some great projects going on.

  3. Mug rugs are great, aren't they? Yours are great! Love the KAPOW!

  4. Oh my goodness! Fantastic idea using left overs for mug rugs and the KAPOW is awesome. Love the matchstick quilting.

  5. So cute! I love the Kapow one! They do make wonderful little gifts!

  6. These are awesome! And your binding is so perfect.

  7. I love mug rugs too! I plan to give them as gifts this year. I really like your Kapow! one. Love the matchstick quilting too.

  8. Hi Gina. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the hexie mug rug. I wish I have more patience doing handwork. I must take my hat off you for attempting the tiny cross stitching. LOL

    1. I do enjoy handwork now and again. As for the cross stitch, time will tell whether its a good or bad idea xx


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