Thursday, 1 October 2015

Never Again

I must admit that the Muppet Swap was giving me problems. I just couldn't get any inspiration for it. My partner had given me loads of options but I just couldn't settle on one. To be honest I was beginning to panic.
One evening I decided I had to knuckle down and sort something so I started yet another trawl through Pinterest and Google.

Then I saw it.

Mahna Mahna and the Snowths, one of my partners loves.

I drew out a pattern and pulled some fabrics but something didn't seem right. Then I had my brilliant ( at the time) idea - FAKE FUR. It was duly ordered and luckily for me arrived the next day.

Never Again. I've got it everywhere. The quilt went out last week and I'm still finding tufts of it on the floor. It was worth it though. I just hope it's not bald by the time it arrives.

And some close ups. 

It was simply quilted as I was scared at the rate it was moulting.  I machined in the song chorus that we all know and love ( and yes I still cant get it out of my head) and then a simple stipple for the rest.

I bound it in an orange polka dot.

This is yet another finish for my FAL3 list and again it's on it's way to my partner.

A request.....If I ever mention using fake fur again will someone please give me slap until I come to my senses.

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  1. It does look awesome.....but NO MORE FAKE FUR!

  2. Never again? But it looks so good!

  3. Never again? What a pitty, it is such a fun quilt. It makes me smile. Your partner would be very happy with it.

  4. OK, so no more fake fur! You could always rename them "The Moulting Sisters"! Joking aside, congratulations on a good result and I'm sure you have a happy swap partner.

  5. Oh, but the fake fur is the perfect touch! Wow. Love your talent. This is fabulous!

  6. OMG Gina this is just SPECTACULAR!!! I love it! Your drawings are perfect, and I love how you quilted it too! You have one very very lucky partner.

  7. This is fantastic Gina . Many years ago I made two bear outfits for Halloween for my sons . We ate fur for weeks !

  8. Fabulous! They are so cute. Brilliant idea to quilt the song!


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