Tuesday, 27 October 2015

why do the small things take so long

So Sunday I decided to start a table runner for the Golden Age of Hollywood swap from Instagram. Amongst my partners likes was the film Holiday Inn. She didn't want a wall mini but said she liked things she could use.

I decide that one of her items ( we have to make 2) would be a table runner for the winter

I had a play on EQ and came up with this, printed out the patterns and headed up to the sewing room.

I can't believe that a few 4" blocks took me all day to make. I must have been on slow speed or something.

Six hours in my room and all I did was two rows.

I hadn't even drawn out the words to embroider or sewn the applique down.

Hopefully that can be done today as it needs to be finished and out the door on Friday.
I have a few ideas about my second item but it has to be black and white and I'm struggling with fabric placement.  I'll be spending this evening on EQ to play I think.


  1. I once spent AN ENTIRE DAY attempting to get a quilt bordered - and I only managed to do the first of two all the way around and finished just one side. And I'm not talking really complicated borders here - straight cut no fuss unpieced. Some days are just like that. Your quilt is beautiful!

  2. It always takes me forever to do everything. I think you got quite a lot done.

  3. Appliqué takes FOREVER. I cannot wait for Lara's book to come out in April and rejuvenate my love/hate relationship with it! I always seem to take a while to get stuff done that I think will be quick too. On a positive note, this runner is looking awesome! I particularly like the lower corner blocks! And wow, you're good with EQ7.

  4. I agree it looks like you got a lot done ... Your just speedy😄- it seems like it takes me for ever to do everything too! Love your design !


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