Thursday, 5 November 2015

I'd like to thank..........

My last Instagram swap of the year was the Golden Days of Hollywood and it's on it's way to my partner as I type.

The theme was the classic Hollywood films pre 1970. We had to make two things, one movie or actor based and one black and white ( a spin on the classic B & W films).

My partner didn't want a mini quilt as such. She asked for something that she could use as home decor as she liked to change things around regularly.

I decided to make a table runner based on one of her favourite films, Holiday Inn, which contains the song I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.

I made it as a row by row quilt, hand embroidering the song title in the centre along with some musical notes.

The corners had appliqued trees and snow, which I quilted using a metallic silver.

The other trees were paper pieced using a selection of christmas greenery fabric. I also quilted these using metallic silver to make them glisten as per the words in the song.

The snowflakes were sewn down using metallic silver to give them a bit of sparkle

I free machine quilted the background in blue and cross hatched the border in white. It was bound using the same blue as the background.

The Black and White quilt gave me a bit of trouble. I wanted to do another table runner but make it more suitable for all year. I also didn't have as many black and white fabrics in my stash as I thought.

After playing around with some ideas I settled on dong something with stars, as on dressing room doors.

I searched and printed out my partner's favourite film stars autographs.

After making some star blocks using some sparkly fabrics I then traced the autographs on to the stars

 I then machine stitched the names in black. Some of which worked better than others I will admit.

I used a serpentine on the border of the quilt and also on the frames of the star blocks. I did FMQ on the background of the blocks. I also put a small flange in between the blocks and the border to frame the centre.

My huge issue with this was my tension decided to play up ( hence the big clean up as per this post )

 So after I had quilted the centre I rebacked the whole thing and just quilted the border through all the layers.

I couldn't stop at just these though. Another of my partner's favourite films was West Side Story.  As I was researching images of all her films on the list there were two from West Side Story that I couldn't resist. So I made a set of his and hers' mug rugs as an extra.

This swap was part of my FALQ4 list and a list of the sites I'll be linking up to can be found HERE


  1. Very lovely quilts! They all look fabulous.

  2. Your recipient was one lucky quilter! All of the quilts are amazing!

  3. Wow Gina - what a lucky person your swap partner is! Two beautiful runners - I love them both and the mug rugs are just gorgeous. xx

  4. I'm sure these will be well received! All are so wonderful!!

  5. They're all so beautiful! I really love the stitched autographs.

  6. Wow!! thats all I can say! What great pieces!

  7. Wow! What a lucky partner. :D These are super fun, Gina. The signatures on the stars - brilliant. :)

  8. I'm blown away! I've been part of on-line swaps before, but never one that just keeps giving and giving. I love your idea of Hollywood Stars.

  9. What imaginative ideas you had for the swap! I am blown away by the idea of the autographs. Lucky partner you had!

  10. Hello Gina,

    What an amazing collection of projects! You have found so much inspiration for the theme. The mug rug with all the dresses and hairdos is just priceless.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv


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