Monday, 9 November 2015

Menu Monday

OK it's Monday so it's time to plan my week.

Splitting my housework up into days as per last week seemed to work well, when I kept to the plan. I got it all done and still had time for myself/sewing. As a result I'm keeping to the same schedule

Sunday - shopping and baking
Monday - Living Room, Hall, Front porch
Tuesday - Bedrooms, Bathroom, Stairs and Landing
Wednesday - Kitchen, Fridge
Thursday - repeat of MOnday
Friday - repeat of Tuesday
Saturday - repeat of Wednesday

I actually did some baking yesterday

Lemon Drizzle Sponge

 Chocolate Orange Sponge with Chocolate Ganache topping

That should keep us going for the week. 


I'm being a bit more adventurous with the meal plan this week. I've been through my favourite recipes and picked a new to me as well

Sunday - Roast Beef
Monday - Tex Mex Sausage Plait and baked potato
Tuesday - Cola Chicken with wedges
Wednesday - Chorizo and Bean Stew with mashed potatoes
Thursday - Potato crumbed pork ( the new to me)
Friday - Chip shop
Saturday - Toad in the Hole


Not much on the list as it hinges on when a parcel of fabric and wadding appears.

Over the weekend I worked on my Gypsy Wife and I managed to turn this

 into this

I want to finish piecing the last section and then get the quilt togther. When the wadding arrives I'll be sandwiching and quilting it. This is my main quilt to work on this week

I also want to make a few more blocks for the Tula Sampler I'm making in Batiks. Also I want to make a start on a mug rug for Leanne for our private swap. I've ordered some fabric and need it to come for me to start.

I've also got to take the car to the garage for some routine maintenance. I loathe doing this. Hubby and a friend normally do all the work on my car for me. Unfortunately there's one job they can't do as they need a special tool which the manufacturer won't sell to a non business. As a result the car has to go to a garage and I have to pay a ridiculously high price for the priviledge. I think because I don't take the car to a garage very often that the price is such a shock. Also I know what the job entails and that's why I begrudge paying the price. Still it has to be done.


  1. Oh - you did get a lot done on your quilt. Very nice! I fee I do better when I have a schedule for me work too. I didn't think to write it down (like you have done!) and forgot to do Thursday's work. So I ended up doing it on Sunday. As for the menu - I don't know what Toad in the Hole is - but no - just no.

  2. Gosh - plans for the week! My dinner is usually a last minute rummage in the freezer and quick defrost in the microwave and as for housework!! I am usually in the garden most days though so house usually comes second. Delicious looking cakes - I made a Dundee at the weekend but the oven played up and so it's a bit crustier than it should be. Have a great week. xx

  3. Love the quilt, I made some of the Tula sampler blocks when the book came out, I should dig them out and make something. I have never thought to plan my housework but I am going to make a start, I am very much a "blitz then ignore" usually. The kitchen and bathroom are done daily though.

  4. Love seeing your weekly chore list. I have been working on tweaking mine into something that works better. Your menu sounds yummy! The quilt is looking fantastic - great progress. And, you reminded me I need to see when I can get my car into the shop to have a mysterious noise taken care of. (Being without my car for a few days will be the challenge (in addition to the cost), as our schedules are packed for the next 2 weeks.) I hope you have an amazing week!

  5. Loving this aqua and red quilt. mmm. Have one on my "to-make" list, even have the fabric, bought last summer. As for the car, I hear you! All our work except for some stuff, gets done by my hubby, and it makes us both cringe to see the charges at the shop... PS, saw your Dog Gone Cute rendition on the Voting post, and I just adore yours. Those bones are IT. :-)

  6. Your Gypsy Wife quilt is coming along nicely. Hope you were able to get in some serious stitching on it this week.

  7. Coca Cola dinner ? You going to slimming world ? I seem to fallen s but behind with reading and writing blogs . Catching up now . Maybe I should make s housework Rota too


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