Thursday, 12 November 2015

My PIF gifts

A few months ago over on Instagram I took part in a Pay It Forward. Although I had 5 people take me up on it only 3 bothered to send me their details so only 3 gifts I've made.

And yes they are all mugrugs, although I'll send some chocolate with them too.
After trawling through their pinterests I tried to make something to their tastes, as if I was a swap partner.

First up was one who seemed to like colour and geometric patterns. So I drew up some basic squares and rectangles on graph paper.

I cut some 1" strips and sewed it together using the plan as a guide. Some of the little blocks had to be moved around to prevent matching fabrics being sewn together.

I quilted it using a cross hatch and variegated thread. I think if I do one like this again I'd use a white thread for quilting.

I've some sewing related fabric for the back of all of the mug rugs.

 The second mug rug was inspired by some applique flowered quilts and again rough drafted on graph paper.

 I fused some circles together and fused them to a background along with wavy stems and various leaf shapes.

I then sewed them down as part of the quilting. I did a slightly different design on each flower

I quilted some grass and leaf shapes at the bottom and going up the stems.

 The final gift is to someone who likes rainbow quilts

I sewed together some 1.5" strips and then cut them into three unequal pieces. I turned the thin centre one upside down and then pieced them using white strips as separators. 

Each section was quilted differently.

Cross hatch using white thread on the one side.

 Matchstick quilting using matching thread on the other.

 White matchstick quilting in the spacer strips and diamonds in diamonds ( almost) in the centre panel

You may wonder why I still use graph paper even though I got EQ7. The answer is simple. I do alot of my quilt planning/designing while I'm waiting in the car for the daughter to come out of work. Some of these designs are then transferred to EQ to tweak. Some, like these, don't need EQ.

These are all going off in the mail today to various destinations around the world.

I'll be linking up to various linky parties listed HERE


  1. Those are all amazing mug rugs! I would like to take the rainbow one and turn it into a throw quilt - you know, in my spare time ;)

  2. Gosh, these are gorgeous - what a lot of thought you put into these - bet the girls will be thrilled!

  3. All lovely original designs Gina - the recipients must be thrilled. What size are they? xx

  4. Wow, these are gorgeous, Gina. Such thought and care you put into them. Your recipients will be thrilled. So glad you linked up to TGIFF!

  5. Wow, WOw and Wow again. so much inspiration!! They are very very lucky recipients

  6. All three are amazing. I don't think I have a favorite. I am sure the recipients will love them.

  7. These are lovely I am sure your PIF recipients will love them, I know I would :)

  8. Lucky, lucky recipients . . . well done!!!

  9. Your little mug rugs are fabulous! Love them!

  10. Somehow I missed this post. Lovely mug rugs. I can't pick a favourite. I love them all.

  11. Gina, you are one AMAZING creative person! Whoa. Going to save this post so I can copy one or all of these. Just incredible, each one. I love them all. Need a little mug rug gift for one of the ladies who works at our post office who went above and beyond to save me $16 on postage! Might use one of yours. Did I tell you how much I love these? They make me SMILE. (and suck in my breath in wonder as well...)

  12. I love your mug rugs, they're always so inspiring and attractive! :D Love the piecing, love the quilting!

  13. Just loving your work! Nice to see some of us still use paper and pencil to design!

  14. Oh all teeny tiny pieces . Have spotted the arrival of one on ig


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