Wednesday, 4 November 2015

So Yesterday was Sunday?

In a vain attempt to bring order to the chaos of my life I'm trying to organize my days. I've know that alot of people use planners for their to do lists and menu planning so I thought I'd give it ago.
My grandmother's generation ( and those before her) did a version of this unconsciously. If I remember it was
Monday - wash day
Tuesday - downstairs
Wednesday - upstairs
Thursday - washday
Friday - baking day

She also had a form of mealplan as Monday was always cold meat and veg left over from the Sunday Roast. Wednesday was a roast and Thursday was a repeat of Monday. Friday was either fish and chips or a freshly baked pie.
These routines were never written down but just taken as law. You didn't want to be around her if it was raining on a Monday or Thursday believe me.

Anyway back to the present. Last week I sat down with a notebook and worked out a routine and meal plan for the week.

Sunday will be be my day for shopping and baking
Monday - Living room, hall, front porch
Tuesday - bedrooms, bathroom, stairs and landing
Wednesday - Kitchen, fridge
Thursday - repeat Monday
Friday - repeat tuesday
Saturday - repeat wednesday

As I live in Wales, the land of rain, washing day will be when the weather allows.

It's not going well.

Sunday I decided to completely rearrange the kitchen and emptied all the cupboards. This left no time for baking, which I managed to do yesterday.

Apple, sultana and cinnamon cake

Apple Crumble

Vanilla Sponge topped with Turkish Delight Icing and choc chips

I didn't get a meal plan written down until yesterday either  but here it is.

Monday - Peri Peri chicken and wedges
Tuesday - Gammon and chips
Wednesday - Cottage Pie and veg
Thursday - Chicken, Leek and Tarragon with baked potato
Friday - Fish and chips
Saturday - Chicken curry and rice
Sunday - Roast Dinner

Well that's the plan anyway, but it never goes that way in this house. I can but try though. Hopefully next week will be a bit more organised. The plan is to do a List post every Monday. Perhaps that will help keep me in check.

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  1. ooooh, I am excited for you! It's a nicely varied menu and the chicken with leeks and tarragon sounds delish! and baked potatoes....*drooling*....I haven't made those for years so I might have to add to my menu one night.

  2. Don't forget to take a day of rest! I've been fighting to get something like this going in my home but I get burnt out trying to do something every single day. Plan a freezer meal and take a day off.

  3. I write a menu every week before going grocery shopping. The trouble starts when I look at the menu during the week and absolutely nothing on it appeals to me that day!

  4. I remember that list or something similar, my grandma was really good. Me, not so much. We always used to have pizza and a movie on Saturdays. Rob would start the dough after lunch and the kids would all add their favourite toppings. Good luck.

  5. I admire your trying to be organized. I gave it up a long time ago....:)

  6. Okay, I'm tired just reading your lists. As for all that housework woman? Stop! Your sewing machine will be needing oiling from lack of use, ha! I do try to have some order now I'm not working like bathrooms on Friday, mop every day (usually) as with 3 animals the hardwood literally grows hair...meals? Whatev' is my motto, usually think about it around 5 pm lol. Love the "she's angry" pic.


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