Monday, 29 June 2015

Sunday Sewing and this week's to do list

If you didn't understand Welsh weather you would not believe the difference in two days. Saturday was gloriously sunny, yesterday it poured with rain for most of the day. So what's a girl to do but sew.

I've finished my Snow White stitcheries

 Is it me or does the Evil Queen look a bit like Sylvester Stallone

I need to make these into some form of pouch/basket now. The question is to colour or leave them as they are. I'll be using scraps to make up the pouch/basket so there'll be plenty of colour there. I'm thinking maybe a hint of colour here and there rather than colouring all of the stitcheries in. I'm really not sure. What do you think?

I made a start ( and nearly a finish) on another swap quilt. This one is the Viva le Villains swap on IG ( where else). Well I love a good villain. I'm definitely on the baddie's side in the films, especially if he's Loki but that's a whole other story. 

Well my partner loves female villains, especially those from the Batman comics. So with the daughter's help I present Harley Quinn.

My daughter drew her out on A3 paper for me from a few pics on the internet and I've raw edge appliqued her onto a chequerboard background. She's all sewn down I just need to quilt and bind.

I'm aiming to be quite busy in the sewing room this week, hubby's on 12 hour days and it's going to be too warm to work in the garden.

To Do List

Villains Swap - quilt and bind mini quilt
Fairytale Swap - bind quilt
                           make up pouch/basket as extra

Starbucks Swap - design and make up mug rug

Animal Swap - make up last of three goodies

One Hour Basket Swap - make up basket
                                         make up an extra

Sampler Quilt - mark corner blocks up for quilting
                          quilt corner blocks

Gypsy Wife - get quilt together

Tula Sampler - make up  at least 2 blocks

I think that's enough to keep me going for the week. Check back next Monday to see whether I've over estimated how much I can get done

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A day amongst the roses

So yesterday hubby and I set off on a three hour drive to Mottisfont Abbey and Gardens to see the famous Walled Rose Garden

We drove through old English picture postcard villages

and past the rockery ( Stonehenge), which always catches me unawares by just how small it really is. 

We watched out for Tanks crossing Salisbury Plain

but we didn't see any as I don't think the Army works weekends

We arrived safely

We didn't go into the house as the weather was too nice so we stayed in the grounds and gardens.

My favourite rose was this one

The stream that ran through the grounds was so clear that you could see the trout in it

Definitely a place to re visit.

If you think you can handle more rose pics then pop over to my garden blog where there are more pics of the rose gardens.

Thought For The Week

Friday, 26 June 2015

No More Fairy Tales For Me Please

The next swap I'm working on is the Fairy Tale Swap. I've done a few of these over the past few months.

A cushion based on Red Riding Hood in an all crafts Fairy Story swap. My partner, like me liked the dark tales. The words on the top and bottom are.....Grandma what big teeth you have. All the better to eat you with my dear.

A mini based on Alice In Wonderland for a Story Book Swap. I quilted in various motifs from the tale.......playing cards, Mad Hatters Hat, Cheshire Cat's grin etc. I also quilted in I'm late and We are all mad here

 Red Riding Hood again, this time for the Fairy Tale Mug Rug swap. The words here  are ....What big eyes you have.

I'm just about out of inspiration on this subject now, so after this one no more fairy tales for me.

So what have I come up with this time.

Well again on the theme of Alice in Wonderland, a wholecloth mini quilt

I need to trim and bind but it's all done. I've quilted the background and left the motifs unquilted, just outlined. I've used two layers of wadding so the unquilted parts pop up

So we have the Cheshire Cat's grin in the tree

And the symbols of the playing cards. I've coloured these in using wax crayons and ironing them to set

Oops this one has rotated sorry but it's Alice. I've also lightly coloured the tree.

I'm also going to make an extra on the theme of Snow White. I plan on doing Snow White and the Evil Queen as stitcheries. I may or may not colour some of them in. I'll then put them either side of a pouch or basket. Or I may turn them into a mug rug. I'm undecided.

Well that's it for today. I'm off visiting a Rose Garden tomorrow so no sewing. Weather man says rain on Sunday so I'll probably spend the day in my sewing room.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Just like Christmas

My hubby's words not mine today as I received two swap parcels.

First up was the Tealovers Swap. Now this one has been in the mail for nearly two months. Luckily my partner, Michelle had it tracked so I knew it wasn't lost, as such. What a journey it's been on though to get from New Mexico to Wales. It's been to nearly every state in the US, some more than once. It even spent three weeks in Brazil. The reason?

Well USPS in their infinite wisdom decided my partner didn't want to send to Wales in the UK but Wallis and Futura Islands instead. No wonder it's been on a tour of the world. I doubt very much there's a Caerphilly in Wallis and Futura, where ever that is.
Anyway no real harm done and amazingly everything was intact

A pair of great owl mugs and an owl mug rug.

Next box of goodies from the post man was my Cotton and Steel Quilt Swap. Wow did I hit the jackpot with this  one. I feel so blessed with what Heather my partner sent me.

 Fabric, chocolate, minion candy, lip balm, sewing notions
 notepad, pencils (I'll be using both of these for my gardening course), quilting magazine
 a gorgeous little stitchery
 postcards from her area and a name badge. I can never find things with my name on so I'm in awe of this.
 A windchime
 and finally the main event, the quilt.
I asked for a quilt that showed off whichever fabric was used and I think she's nailed it

I don't know if you can see in the pics but it's been quilted with metallic thread.
I'm now going to find space in my sewing room to put it up. I'll have to show some pics of my sewing room as the walls are covered in mini's I've received in swaps.

I'm afraid the chocolate and candy has been acquired by the daughter but I've managed to keep hold of everything else.

The windchime has gone up in my greenhouse where it can tinkle away whilst protected from the worse of the Welsh weather.

If you look closely you can see my greenhouse guardian, Quentin the Gorilla that my daughter bought me a few years ago. He looks after my plants when I'm not around. He's just one of the garden ornaments that I've scattered around the place.

I also had a delivery of charms today

I'll be using these over the next few weeks on swap quilts that I have to send out. I@m going to be a bit busy.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My oldest and newest UFO's

Apart from my swap commitments I'm not starting anything new for the time being. This means that I can get to work on finishing off some

First off is a BOM from I don't know how long ago, at least if not over 10 years. It's called Atlantis and it's done in Moda Marbles.

I know it looks like it's finished but there's some hand sewing to do on it. All the curves you see have been hand stitched down. You get a better idea with the next pic.

The blue and green in this pic have yet to be folded over and sewn down.

All the main part of the quilt is done and three of the borders. I just have to sew that final border and then I can sandwich and quilt it. I'm determined to get this done by the end of the summer as it's been hanging around for too long just for a couple of hours of hand sewing.

My newest UFO/WIP that I'm also trying to work on is The Gypsy Wife quilt by Jen Kingwell. I've only been working on this since Jan/Feb so not too long. All the blocks are done so I'm just assembling it. It's assembled in 11 sections and I've done 9, just the two most fiddly to do,

There's alot of partial seams and Y seams in the assembly which take the time. I've used Moda Printemps which is a very romantic, subtle range. Very different from my normal palette. I've used all precuts and at the last count it's taken a jelly roll, 2 layer cakes and a charm pack. I think I've just enough left over to complete the assembly although I may have to piece the long strips.

I can't see me doing much more on these this week as I have a few swap deadlines to meet. More on those in other posts though.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Birds and Baskets

I've finished my Cotton and Steel swap quilt

 I struggled with what fabric to bind it but decided on a white on white pin stripe that I found in my stash

I named it 'All the pretties fly South for the Winter' as to me it looked like the colourful birds flying away and just leaving the drab birds. Or do I just need more coffee.

Anyway I always send some extras in my swap parcel so withe some of the left over fabric I made a set of  fabric baskets.

The tutorial is at Seaside Stitches blog HERE

I made three sizes so they fit in each other.

As they were really quick to make up I made some more for another monthly swap

I quilted these which made them firmer.  The  square sizes I started with are 12", 9" and finally the smallest is 6".  Each set took about an hour from start to finish.

Tomorrow is going to be spent on the garden as I had a delivery of some hedging plants that need to go in the ground. Also I've bought a new statue for the garden and need to find a place for it

It's a Celtic Cross, a traditional piece of stoneware found all over Wales in various forms. This will fit in with the dragons ( another Welsh symbol) that are in the garden.