Monday, 1 February 2016

Queen Bee for February

After last year turned into the year of the swap I decided enough was enough and no more for me this year. I did sign up for two Bees though, the Stash Bee and Blossom Heart Bee.

This month I'm the Queen for the Blossom Heart Bee and it's my turn to choose the block. It's a fairly restrictive Bee as we can only choose one of THESE blocks on the Blossom Heart page. For this I'm grateful as in May I'm the Queen in the other Bee where anything goes and I'm changing my mind daily.

Anyway back to this Bee and I've decided on the Checker Block, the tutorial being HERE and information will be going out today.

I've made my blocks as examples. (We will be making two each month)

I decided on a scrappy black, grey white and red colour scheme.

You will notice with the two blocks I've made that the HST's are reversed. This is deliberate

I was playing in EQ with the intention of making a geometric looking quilt for the hubby

This is what I've come up with and why I want the colours in the two blocks reversed, I think this fits the brief and I look forward to showing you the real version next month. 


  1. This is a very striking design and color scheme. I think your hubby will like it.

  2. Looking forward to making this for you Gina. x

  3. I love quilts that look like tiled floors and this fits the bill . Looks great as a block and all together


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