Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Because I need another hobby...........not

So a friend was starting a Knit and Bitch morning once a week and I said I'd go along to make up numbers until it took off. I'd take my sewing. Wrong! If I was going then I had to knit.

Now I can knit, as long as I concentrate and it's an easy pattern. I taught myself quite a few years ago but I never really did anything. So off I went with some wool, needles and a freshly bought magazine with an idiot proof scarf pattern in it. Well it turns out I'm a special type of idiot as after undoing the first five rows more times than I care to mention ( but I've become a whizz at casting on now) one of the ladies took pity on me and tried to help. So Noelle, with 30 years knitting experience under her belt declared the pattern unknittable and definitely not for a beginner. Ah great I could do some sewing. Nope not going to happen as she had a great, and easy, pattern she could write down for me that I could knit up really quickly. She cast on and did the first couple of rows for me and I was away.

Home I came with it and the intention was just to knit for the 30 mins I was waiting for the daughter to come out of work every day, and I did, Then one day the scarf came into the house with me and I found myself picking up the knitting before breakfast and whilst the dinner was cooking. Suddenly and unexpectedly I had a finished scarf on my hands, which I've sewn into an infinity scarf.

 I'm in there somewhere, honest.

I have since found Ravelry and printed off a few more idiot proof scarf and shawl patterns and gone out and bought more wool and needles

Well I've nothing better to do with my time have I? Roll on Thursday


  1. Lovely scarf (we'll have you knitting socks yet.....)😉

  2. Lovely scarf (we'll have you knitting socks yet.....)😉

  3. I've been knitting forever. Quilting is my new-ish hobby. Glad to see I'm not the only one jumping into a new hobby with both feet!

  4. Yay! I took up crochet a few months ago, so now I cross stitch, quilt, and crochet. I'm never bored!!! And I love ravelry, there are so many great free patterns on it. Lovely scarf, keep knitting!

  5. I am always sooo tempted to learn knitting!

  6. I used to knit loads when our three were little, even Arran sweaters!!! Hardly ever now but seeing your beautiful new balls of wool I feel sorely tempted!!

  7. How fun! I suppose it must have been good to find out the pattern was the issue, not you with that first scarf. I imagine it was still frustrating to have tried so many times with it. Your infinity scarf turned out fabulous!


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