Sunday, 13 March 2016

Catching up

Ok own up, who pinched February. It seemed to be over in a flash. I've only just finished all my February sewing and changed over my calendar to March.

To be honest I wasn't really in the sewing mood last month. I fulfilled my bee commitments but that's all. We've had rain over here in Wales nearly every day since October and my mood has been as grey as the skies. Luckily March has become brighter and sunnier and I feel like doing things again, hence the massive catch up.

So first up we have all my 365 Quilt block blocks for February. These are all 3" ( finished) and my colour for February was pink

My scraps became this improv panel which eventually will be part of an improv rainbow quilt.

THis is only the second panel of improv I've done and although I don't think I'll be a true convert I have enjoyed both. They have become a little less scary.

Having said I've finished February's blocks there is one left to do if I'm honest.

This is the centre of the quilt. I didn't want to do this in a specific colour scheme so I'll wait until the end before I decide what to make it in. Probably a number of colours and fabrics.

I've also pieced the two blocks for the Modern HST Sampler quilt. Again I'm using my self inflicted colour restriction for this quilt.

The background to each of these blocks will be the same and I'm hoping that will tie it all together at the end.

Right now I've finally finished February it's onto March and hopefully more sun, sewing and blogging.


  1. This is looking awesome! Love using up those little scraps.

  2. It's nice you're back. I'm using older Thimbleberries for my 365 Challenge....(and yes, I'm behind on them as well). I'm glad the sun has a positive effect on others too. I've been sewing on my back porch for 2 weeks now with temps in the 60's and 70's but we're supposed to be back in the 30's next week. Blessings...

  3. You made great progress on all your projects. Thanks for sharing all those pretty pink blocks with Oh Scrap!

  4. Luscious pinks there Gina and I can't quite believe those lovely blocks are only 3"!!!!!

  5. I love your blocks. I'm about a week behind on my 365. Where I am in Canada we had a good February...more sun than usual so it seemed to go by fast for me. Usually I dread the gloom of February.

  6. Those blocks look fab, well done you. Am loving the colours. I know what you mean about the grey skies, there seems to ba a permanent grey cloud over my mood currently too. Hope youre health is improving. Best Wishes, Jo


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