Sunday, 20 March 2016

Slow Stitching

I'm still ploughing on with my cross stitching. ( finished image on sidebar) I haven't done that much lately as the weather has been so nice I've been working in the garden instead.

So this is where I left you on the last update

 and this is where I am now, just over 22,000 stitches and 6% done.

I'm on page 5 of 63. At the moment I'm concentrating on doing all the black  (dmc 310)and deep purple ( dmc 154) right across the top of the picture This will be 9 pages across so I'm over half way. I'll have to do a bit more gridding before I start page 6.
I've never gridded anything before and I'm definitely a convert. It's so much easier when sewing as there's alot less counting involved.

Anyway I'm off to read some blogs and then get back to my stitching after tea.


  1. I can see that the grid would be very helpful on a piece this large... wow!
    Enjoy your stitching and your tea!

  2. What an amazing project. That is a lot of stitches.

  3. I'm blown away every time I see this huge project. Yes a grid would be a great help I can see that!

  4. Quite the project. I'm sure you feel as though you'll never finish but I know I can't wait. :)

  5. This is going to be wonderful piece of art when it's finished! What size will it finish Gina?

  6. Whew, it's coming out just beautiful!

  7. I'm glad you've been getting out in the nice weather. I'm enjoying seeing your progress on this project. It's a long term project.

  8. Wow! So many stitches. This is amazing progress. It looks amazing!

  9. That looks like a lifetime's amount of cross stitch! Is the grid done with thread or pencil?


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