Saturday, 2 April 2016

Re purposing

Over on a Facebook cross stitch group I belong to the ladies were raving about a storage box that could contain all your embroidery threads. I admit I got caught up in the excitement and ordered one even though I didn't need/want one. Luckily it didn't cost that much.

The next day a poor delivery driver delivered a very large box to the door that was duly opened.

Voila, one huge box.

A box I haven't the hope of filling with cross stitch threads as I just don't have that many.

Look at all that empty space.

Then I had a bright idea. One that might actually work for a change.

At the moment all my quilting threads live in these drawers and boxes.

But look they will fit in my new box. Even my cones

So today I'll be filling my new box with all my quilting threads.

Oh yes and my colour co ordinated drawers?

I think I can find the odd scrap to fill them .


  1. Yay for organizing! I think that is an excellent use of your thread box.

  2. Yes I think you can find the odd scrap! The box looks like it will be great for thread. I'm amazed that it will even fit cones.

  3. That's a very pretty way to contain all your quilting thread. And I think we all have plenty of odds and ends to fill whatever storage becomes available! Enjoy organising your treasures :)

  4. I'm sure you'll fill your plastic drawers with no problems! That's a very pretty box you have and those drawers will be perfect for sewing threads, love the different size compartments.

  5. One can NEVER have too much storage! I have a very hard time with thread storage; the bins are usually not the right height to stand them up.

  6. What a pretty box for your quilting threads. :)


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