Sunday, 29 May 2016

Baa Baa White Sheep

My daughter's Boss is having a baby ( well his wife is), supposedly in July. We seem to think the dates are wrong though and she's due anytime soon. This meant I had to get my act together and make a baby quilt for them.

 I bought the fabric ages ago. A metre of sheep panel fabric and a co-ordinate aswell as some plains to match.

I cut the panel up and bordered each picture using the plains.

As they were different sizes it was a bit Improv in getting it all together. Somehow it all worked out though.

Amazingly enough the co ordinate I bought was just enough for the backing.

 I quilted it very simply. In the ditch around each picture and on the horizontal about an inch apart for the rest.

 I managed to find just enough blue that matched to bind it.

All packaged up ready to gift.

I also made up a basket as the daughter has been picking up a few bits and pieces for the new baby to be

All filled and ready to be gifted.

I'm busy in the garden at the moment as the weather is so nice. I do have quite a few quilts on the go though as I've been asked by an owner of a gift shop to make up some table toppers/cot quilts, table runners and mug rugs to sell. This should mean I've got some sewing to post about more regularly.


I love feedback on what I sew so would love your comments. It's a chance to make new friends. I do reply to all of you as long as you are not a no-reply xxxx