Thursday, 12 May 2016

Hermit Weekend coming up

Hubby is working this weekend and the daughter is out both days doing her own thing. I've therefore decided to join in Joysze at Random Ramblings International Hermit Stitch Weekend

I've made my list. Yes it's a long one but you wouldn't expect anything less and come Monday we'll see how I did.

Ok, here goes


Blossom Heart Bee - I've two blocks to make for this month's  Queen. I've had to wait for fabric, which came today, eventually. Hopefully I can get them done out of the way and in the mail tomorrow.

Blossom Heart Bee - I was the Queen a few months ago. You can read about it HERE. I had so many blocks sent to me my original quilt has become slightly larger than planned

I've four blocks left over so it's not quite finished. Again I've been waiting for fabric. This will be bordered over the weekend so I can show it off to my Bee Mates next week.

Lastly some finished quilt tops need sandwiching. These are the ones from my May to do list.

First up a mini charm square quilt.

 I'm not completely happy with this. I was making it up as I went along and it didn't really turn out as I envisaged.

Hopefully I can liven it up with some quilting.

Next up is a Sew Along Medallion quilt from last year sometime

I'm not really sure how I'm going to quilt this yet.

I'll be sandwiching these both and securing by stitching in the ditch on them both. By the time I've finished this I've normally got some idea of how I'm going to quilt them. I may even get started.

Cross Stitch

If the weather holds I'll be spending soe time stitching in the garden so I've some cross stitch ready to do.

I'm taking part in a cross stitch along of owls

There will be 12 and each one will have different eyes and a different pattern stitched for the body. I've done the outlines for 9 and am now filling in the beaks and feet. I'd like to get to the point where I'm starting the body of the first one. I'll be doing them in various variegated thread.

And of course I'll be trying to progress the beast, my HAED.

Well that's enough to keep me busy and out of trouble for the weekend.
See you all Monday.


  1. Sounds like a blissful but busy weekend! Good luck with all those projects and have a fabulous time. Hope you've made some cake? xx

  2. Go girl go . The weekend sounds lovely !

  3. Gorgeous quilt tops! And your HAED is looking amazing! Love the owls, too!


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