Tuesday, 3 May 2016

OK Who Stole April

Go on own up I know it was one of you. I can't believe we are in May already.

As you've probably guessed by my reaction and the fact I've been missing, I haven't done alot of sewing lately. To be honest I've not done alot of anything, I've really let the month get away from me.

So what have I got to show for myself. Apart from a few Bee Blocks nothing.

I'm way behind on the 365 quilt sew along and the Modern HST sampler. I was going to join in the Finish Along but ended up missing the deadline. It's just been one of those months. Still keep attacking as my father in law says. I have a plan for this month. I will get some sewing done. I may even get a finish. More to follow in another post.

And just in case you thought I'd forgotten about it here's Mr April from my Go Commando charity calendar. Mr May will be unveiled in the next few days.


  1. I don't know, but if you ever figure out who the culprit is, I have a few choice words for them. Lovely blocks!

  2. I think it's the same person who stole my April too. You did get quite a few blocks done overall though . Thst wanta Fanta takes three out of that four weeks to do for a start

  3. Nice work on your blocks - April was a bit of a whirlwind for me too. I suspect that May is going to disappear just as quickly! xx

  4. I'm hoping for a more productive May myself. We are both Queen Bee's this month. i might try and get yours done...we'll see.

  5. I also want to know who stole April! It went WAY too fast. I am also feeling way behind in projects. I may have to find something small just so I have a finish to share in May. (Or, I could finally just push through and add the rest of the snowflakes to my wall quilt. Nah...) Your blocks look great!

  6. I think someone stole everyone's April!!


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