Tuesday, 23 August 2016

August Blocks

For once I've got all my august blocks done and on time. I'm pretty good with my Bee blocks. They always go out in the month they are supposed to, but very rarely this early.

First up we have the Stash Bee blocks for Sarah.

She asked for 12" quarter log cabin blocks in fabrics/colours that felt like summer to us.  I had a blast making these and if the hubby hadn't interrupted me I'd have probably made enough for a quilt for her.

 Next up is the block for my Buzzy friends Bee. Ellie asked for the Squash Blossom block found here in navy blue and yellow. Again I got carried away and made two the same for her

 My last Bee is the Blossom Heart Bee. A bit of Deja Vue here as Kirsty asked for the same block as last month, the Double Star, found here.

 Finally the last block for August ( and blue purple) is this one for the Blossom Heart Modern HST Sampler. I messed this up slightly as I meant for the centre block to be rotated 180 degrees. Never mind it still looks ok.

Today I'm planning to start Sleeping Under The Stars. Be prepared as you'll be seeing alot of this quilt in the next few weeks.


  1. Woo Who! for being caught up and getting done early. I'm still in love with that Double Star block.

  2. Congrats on the lovely Bee blocks and I'm so looking forward to seeing Sleeping Under the Stars. I just had to check out your previous post and I love the block you drafted!


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