Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Festival of Quilts Part 2

There's a few more pics today than yesterday's post. We shall be seeing some of the miniature quilts and first up an exhibition of quilts from Japan and Korea.

I must admit to being blown away by most of the quilts from Korea and Japan. The standard of workmanship was amazing.

I've tried to take close ups of some of the quilts where appropriate so you can see the amazing stitching.

Now as you know I love working with bright colours but I was really drawn to this neutral quilt. I found it so restful.

This kimono was incredible

This one was painted and then enhanced with metallic threads. It came very close to the top in the list of quilts I wanted to take home.

 This quilt was pieced and then lace motifs appliqued on top.

 Another quilt I found restful

The stitching detail on this was tremendous

The next quilt was top of the list of quilts I wanted to take home. There is no way my photos have done it justice.

 I mean look at the detail in that stitching

 Different quilt, same artist. another one I could have quite happily taken home.

Not far from the Japan and Korean exhibition was the miniature section.

Now I've done what I would call miniature but nothing on the scale of these. Some of the pictures have my finger next to the quilt just for scale. You'll understand what I mean.

First up the winner of the section

 And now some of the rest

See what I mean, look at the size of these.

 This one was fabulous. A completely machine quilted wholecloth.

 Look how small that quilting is

Well that's it until tomorrow.

The other categories in the show are modern, contemporary, my first quilt, quilting and traditional. All the next quilt photos will be lumped together as to be honest I can't tell the difference between some of the categories. I'm going to make my own up so tomorrow will be The Natural World ( in it's broadest sense)


  1. Wow, I love them all, but those miniature quilts are stunning.

  2. What a stunning collection and the miniatures are amazing. Thanks. xx

  3. Such tiny quilts! Amazing.


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