Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Festival of Quilts Part 3

OK ladies, get comfy with your drink of choice. This post is hugely picture heavy. I've tried to get all the nature orientated quilts together in this post. This means animals, birds and landscapes. There's quite a few.

 Loved this next quilt. So restful

This one and the previous quilts were the two that my daughter wanted to take home

 I think this was painted but the stitching and quilting were fabulous

I love trees and the beadwork on this one was great. It wasn't in your face like some of the others

 Couldn't you just eat this strawberry

 Again great quilting ( and a cute frog)

The quilting on these horses was phenomenal

Well ladies that's it for this post. Tomorrow I think it'll be the last festival post. It'll be piecing and quilting photos


  1. What stunning quilts, thanks for the show, much appreciated!

  2. Coo, you managed many more photos than I did - and found some quilts I managed to completely miss! I always seem to get completely lost at the NEC. Thanks for sharing some of the ones I didn't see on the day. :)

  3. These are superb quilts! I love the nature theme, the quilting is amazing on all of them, subjects wonderful!! Thanks again for sharing them with us all.

  4. Brilliant - thank you. Such a lot of original and beautiful work. xx


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