Saturday, 20 August 2016

Festival of Quilts Part 5

Well ladies this is it, the last of my posts shoeing the pics I took at the Festival of Quilts last weekend. I hope you've enjoyed them and got lots of inspiration.

Today it's the quilts that I haven't been able to categorize over the past few posts. I'm calling them the weird and the wonderful ( or the best of the rest).

A different way of using up your selvedges

Loved this idea. Definitely one for those of us who detest sewing in the ends

Loved this quilt. Hubby is a train fitter and this would be right up his street. Half the quilt is the steam engine and the other half is the engineering diagrams. If he was with me I think this would have been his choice for visitor favourite.

From the comments overheard while I was near this one divided opinion. It depicts a lady who's had a mastectomy and her thoughts about her body. I thought it was great

Well that's it. Thank you for bearing with me.
Normal service will resume with my next post.


  1. Thanks Gina, for sharing! I had to look up that ISBN no - now have a book to read!

  2. I am not sure about the skulls but I loved the rest especially the pile of cotton reels. xx


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