Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Because I need another hobby...........not

So a friend was starting a Knit and Bitch morning once a week and I said I'd go along to make up numbers until it took off. I'd take my sewing. Wrong! If I was going then I had to knit.

Now I can knit, as long as I concentrate and it's an easy pattern. I taught myself quite a few years ago but I never really did anything. So off I went with some wool, needles and a freshly bought magazine with an idiot proof scarf pattern in it. Well it turns out I'm a special type of idiot as after undoing the first five rows more times than I care to mention ( but I've become a whizz at casting on now) one of the ladies took pity on me and tried to help. So Noelle, with 30 years knitting experience under her belt declared the pattern unknittable and definitely not for a beginner. Ah great I could do some sewing. Nope not going to happen as she had a great, and easy, pattern she could write down for me that I could knit up really quickly. She cast on and did the first couple of rows for me and I was away.

Home I came with it and the intention was just to knit for the 30 mins I was waiting for the daughter to come out of work every day, and I did, Then one day the scarf came into the house with me and I found myself picking up the knitting before breakfast and whilst the dinner was cooking. Suddenly and unexpectedly I had a finished scarf on my hands, which I've sewn into an infinity scarf.

 I'm in there somewhere, honest.

I have since found Ravelry and printed off a few more idiot proof scarf and shawl patterns and gone out and bought more wool and needles

Well I've nothing better to do with my time have I? Roll on Thursday

Monday, 28 March 2016

Finally Caught Up

After being at least two weeks behind with the 365 Quilt Block  Challenge I put the pedal to the metal this weekend and finally caught up. As the blocks are posted midnight Australian time I've even done tomorrow's.

The blocks feature Log Cabin variations and mitred corners which strangely enough I enjoy doing.

You have no idea how long that little 3" block took to make

A couple of 6" blocks

 back to the 3" blocks

 Some more 6" blocks

todays block and we seem to be moving onto partial seams

 Sunday's block was a b*****d to do. It's a 6" block and full of mitred seams. I could not make any headway with machining it and got into a right mess. There was only one thing to do

Draw out the block on graph paper, make up templates  and hand sew the block

Took a bit more time but alot less stress.
There are only two blocks left for this month and I'm glad as after today's nightmare I am rapidly running out of yellow fabric.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Modern HST Sampler 1st Quarter

So we are three months in of Alyce's Modern HST Sampler QAL and I must admit I'm really enjoying it. It has a nice gentle pace of two 12" blocks per month and they start easy and will get slightly more complicated as the months go on. They are also made with various methods of making HSTs, some of which are new to me.

the latest block

and in case you've missed them here are the earlier blocks

I've been using my colour of the month so at the end of the QAL I'll have yet another rainbow quilt. I am using the same background fabric throughout though to tie the blocks together

And here they are all together

You can find the details of the QAL HERE.  There's also a friendly FB group for encouragement

Monday, 21 March 2016

Mellow Yellow

I'm slowly catching up with March's 365 Quilt blocks.

The colour that came out of the hat for this month is yellow. As I don't have as much variation in my scraps as I hoped I'll be using a bit of orange  here and there.

Anyway in no particular order are some of March

I'm about 10 days behind now but by the time I get around to doing some more I'll be a bit further behind. For 3" blocks they do take longer than you think you'd think to make up.

A gorgeous morning here in South Wales so I'm spending today working in the garden. I have a border that I need to rearrange and some new plants to find homes for,

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Slow Stitching

I'm still ploughing on with my cross stitching. ( finished image on sidebar) I haven't done that much lately as the weather has been so nice I've been working in the garden instead.

So this is where I left you on the last update

 and this is where I am now, just over 22,000 stitches and 6% done.

I'm on page 5 of 63. At the moment I'm concentrating on doing all the black  (dmc 310)and deep purple ( dmc 154) right across the top of the picture This will be 9 pages across so I'm over half way. I'll have to do a bit more gridding before I start page 6.
I've never gridded anything before and I'm definitely a convert. It's so much easier when sewing as there's alot less counting involved.

Anyway I'm off to read some blogs and then get back to my stitching after tea.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Nobody Panic........

But I've actually got a finish to show you, well four actually. Yes I know I had to have a sit down and a coffee to get over the shock.

A Facebook group I belong to runs auctions to help pay for members vets bills if needed. There's an auction coming up so I said I'd make up something for it.

As this was Tuesday and the auction starts tomorrow I didn't have alot of time to make anything too complicated. Mug rugs it was then.

I was lucky that I had a few already pieced after other projects so I only had to sandwich and quilt these.

First up is a pink and aqua pinwheel made from left overs from a bee block.

I quilted it simply. Straight lines in the aqua border, serpentine in the white triangles and double circles in the border.

Next up is a left over block from the Splendid Sampler. I started the QAL but to be honest I haven't really liked any of the blocks so gave it up. Anyway block 1 has made up a lovely mug rug.

I edged the heart with lace trim before satin stitching it down, bordered the block in pale cream and picked out one of the greens in the floral fabric for the binding.

While I was in the sewing mood I also whipped a couple of table runners. These are so quick and easy to make up out of a pack or two of mini charms.

The first one is batiks with white. I had enough charms left to cut in half and make up a border. I used a Superior Thread variagated thread for quilting and just quilted a large stipple.

The second runner is using Moda Garden Produce and a pale cream. I didn't have enough charms left over to make a border so made the sashing wider. I quilted this using white in a cross hatch a quarter inch apart. I used navy for this binding.

 Well I don't think that's a bad show for a full day's sewing. I think my machine was on the verge of melting and is having a well deserved few days rest.

Sites I am linking to are listed on my Linky page

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Let it Be March

OK so now I've finally finished up all February's sewing I can start this month.

I started out by turning over my Calendar so ladies say hello to Mr March ( and friends)

If you feel able to carry on then I will show you some blocks.

First up the Stash Quilt Bee

Bonnie asked for a Disappearing 4 patch in white, aqua and brown. I was lucky in having just enough of the brown, a colour I don't use, to make the two blocks. We only needed to send the one but it was so quick to make up I decided to make another to keep in company.

Next up is the Blossom Heart Bee

Abigail asked for the Spinwheel with very specific colour placement. We have to make two blocks for this Bee

 As you can see with specific colour placement you get a secondary pattern when the blocks are put together.

I had a load of cut offs as we made the flying geese units using the stitch and flip method. I've pressed and trimmed these down to 2.5"

  I used 4 to make a signature block as Abigail requested me send one along with her main blocks.
 The rest I will make into a table runner or mug rugs.

Finally I've got around to doing the next block in the Modern HST Sampler.

It's called Mountain and in keeping with my rainbow theme for this year's QAL's it's in this month's colour which came out of the hat as yellow.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Catching up

Ok own up, who pinched February. It seemed to be over in a flash. I've only just finished all my February sewing and changed over my calendar to March.

To be honest I wasn't really in the sewing mood last month. I fulfilled my bee commitments but that's all. We've had rain over here in Wales nearly every day since October and my mood has been as grey as the skies. Luckily March has become brighter and sunnier and I feel like doing things again, hence the massive catch up.

So first up we have all my 365 Quilt block blocks for February. These are all 3" ( finished) and my colour for February was pink

My scraps became this improv panel which eventually will be part of an improv rainbow quilt.

THis is only the second panel of improv I've done and although I don't think I'll be a true convert I have enjoyed both. They have become a little less scary.

Having said I've finished February's blocks there is one left to do if I'm honest.

This is the centre of the quilt. I didn't want to do this in a specific colour scheme so I'll wait until the end before I decide what to make it in. Probably a number of colours and fabrics.

I've also pieced the two blocks for the Modern HST Sampler quilt. Again I'm using my self inflicted colour restriction for this quilt.

The background to each of these blocks will be the same and I'm hoping that will tie it all together at the end.

Right now I've finally finished February it's onto March and hopefully more sun, sewing and blogging.