Saturday, 2 April 2016

Re purposing

Over on a Facebook cross stitch group I belong to the ladies were raving about a storage box that could contain all your embroidery threads. I admit I got caught up in the excitement and ordered one even though I didn't need/want one. Luckily it didn't cost that much.

The next day a poor delivery driver delivered a very large box to the door that was duly opened.

Voila, one huge box.

A box I haven't the hope of filling with cross stitch threads as I just don't have that many.

Look at all that empty space.

Then I had a bright idea. One that might actually work for a change.

At the moment all my quilting threads live in these drawers and boxes.

But look they will fit in my new box. Even my cones

So today I'll be filling my new box with all my quilting threads.

Oh yes and my colour co ordinated drawers?

I think I can find the odd scrap to fill them .

Bye March

So with the end of March comes the end of me using yellow for the SALs that I'm doing.

Surprisingly after being so far behind I actually finished the 365 Quilt blocks for March in March.

These were the last two left to do.

Which was just as well as yellow scraps basket looks very sparse now.

I used up most of my offcuts and tiny scrap by making another Improv panel for the quilt I'm making along side the 365 Quilt.

I'm definitely getting the hang of this Improv lark. It's becoming fun to be honest, something I never thought this Quilty OCD control freak would ever say.