Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Drip drip.....

......drip little April Showers ( with apologies to Disney).  Well not so much April Showers more like water pipe in my sewing room. 

So this

has become this

as I had to spend the day plugging the hole in the pipe and ripping up the soaking wet carpet. Luckily nothing ( apart from the carpet) has been ruined. It does mean though that my fabric and threads are now in the daughter's room. This is not a good thing as she's got a nasty habit of "borrowing" my fabric for her costuming. I might not get it all back. 

Anyway the plumber is coming tomorrow to fix the problem permanently. Until then I have become one of the many quilters that have to sew at the dining table.

Still once it's all sorted it means I can revamp my sewing room and have a good sort out as there's far too much non sewing stuff in there taking up room. 

Monday, 27 June 2016

July Queen in the Buzzy Friends Bee

In a few days time it will be July and my turn to be Queen in the Buzzy Friends Bee. Ok, yes I thought my month was November but after a brief panic I'm ready.

So what block have I picked my friends?  It's simple, I haven't. I'm going to let you pick one for me. There are a few guidelines though.

First up I would like a Star block of some kind. It could be your favourite star pattern or one you've been dying to try out. They can be pieced, paper pieced, applique, embroidered or a mixture of some or all. Have fun, be creative.
Next up I would like it to be 6" finished ( that's 6.5" unfinished).
Background colour to be black or dark blue, plain or tone on tone/marble. Not patterned thank you.
Star colours to be bright jewel colours. These can be plain, batik or patterned as long as they shine out against the dark background.

I'm aiming to set the blocks as Attic Windows so it looks like stars at night, hence the dark backgrounds. A quick example of the setting would be

These are just blocks I pulled from EQ but you get the idea.

Not sure what Star to do? here are some sites that might help. Just click on the name to go there.

Quilters Cache
McCalls Quilting
Generations Quilt Patterns
Fave Quilts
Patchwork Square
Delaware Quilts

There's a few to give you some ideas, there are plenty more out there. Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with

June Bee Blocks

Well it's nearly the end of the month and time for me to show the Bee blocks I've made for this month.

First up we have the blocks for Annah in the Blossom Heart bee.

Annah asked for the Wanta Fanta block in whites and blues.

We make two blocks for this Bee and these are now in the mail.

The other Bee I'm in is a new one and proving fun each month.

Dorothy asked for Dresden Plate blocks in any size, type or colour as long as they were bright. She's going to applique them to low volume backgrounds so she asked we just sent the plates unfinished.

 I made the above two and decided to try something else. Unfortunately the off centre wasn't as off as I'd hoped but I think it still works. I'm sending it with the other two anyway as it definitely falls into the bright part of the instructions.

That's it for this month's Bees. It's'  been brought to my attention that I'm Queen next month, which was a bit of a shock as I could have sworn it was November. Never mind I know roughly what I want so not quite the panic as it could be.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Shop goodies

A few weeks ago when I decided what my OMG was for June I mentioned that a shop owning friend asked if I could make her some quilty goodies to sell in her shop. She was after cot quilts, cushions, table runners and mug rugs.

The first of the makes went up the other day.

First up was a cot quilt/table runner

This was made from an off white and my Liberty Scraps. It was bound in a pale green.

The negative space had a flower type design quilted in it as a pinwheel

 and the outer edges were quilted in a large stipple.

I couldn't decide whether I wanted to keep my Gypsy Wife quilt so I've sent that up too. If it sells then great if not then no harm done

This was made using Moda Printemps and I had a jelly roll plus some scraps remaining. I decided to make some matching cushions as Maria, my friend, seemed to like the colour palette.

First cushion is a strip background using the jelly roll and then machine appliqued letters out of the scraps

I added a matching strip on the reverse.

Next one is again a strip background but his time I've machine appliqued LOVE on the front

Again a simple envelope reverse with a matching strip

 Next up is a pleated version. I folded the jelly roll strips in half lengthways and sewed them, overlapping, onto a calico and wadding background

The envelope reverse has the same idea strip, but no wadding this time.

Finally a 9 patch cushion. I used 2 no 9 patches for each side. The middle is plain calico with a few buttons sewn on. The seams are trimmed with a narrow band of lace and I've quilted it in a cross hatch pattern

The reverse has a strip of squares

Well that's it for now. I'm half way through my OMG list but have linked up with this post as a start. I'm still sewing and should have some mug rugs and table runners to show you by the end of the month.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Garden Tour

As you've probably gathered the reason I'm not doing much sewing is that I'm spending most of my time working in my garden. I thought I''d give you a brief tour now that the colour is starting to emerge.
So here's the outlook from my lounge patio doors. There's a pond bang smack in the centre of the garden.

We have to put a fence of sorts around it as we have a Heron visiting quite regularly and he/she will happily empty the pond of fish

and as you can see we've quite a few

At the back of the garden and tucked in the corner is my little potting shed. I need to paint it and put some bunting up but as I only claimed it from the hubby earlier this year it's taken a while for me to clear it out,

In front is a bench that is falling apart to be honest. It's no good for sitting on so I've repurposed it as a place for pots and baskets. It's still a bit early in the season for these to be fully flowering but it won't be long

(is it me or does this look like a face).

Across a bit from the shed and still at the back of the garden is my hidden seating area. This is 90% shade all day and can be lovely and cool.

 In front of this is the second, smaller pond. Also fenced off from the Heron

The seated area links into the shaded, woodland corner of the garden filled with ferns, hellebores and hostas.

And guarding the entrance is Mabel

and Quentin

And back to the patio.

Down the side of the garden you haven't seen is my greenhouse, storage area and hubby's shed. I need to pretty it up a bit and that's my plan for this year. After that the garden is just about done and I can start on the front garden which as you can see is a bit plain and boring.

I leave you now with some flower pictures taken today.

Have a great rest of the weekend and I'll be back with some sewing pics in a few days