Monday, 2 January 2017

First Finish for 2017

Yes we have a finish. Feeling very virtuous at the moment. ( it won't last)

This is Summer Pond. It was a free BOM a few years ago on Fat Cat Patterns. It's still on the site but you need to pay for the pattern now.

I actually kept up with this one, yes I know I was surprised too. Once finished though it lay on my to quilt pile until last month.

A friend of mine's son needs an operation and although over here in the UK 99% of operations are free, there is the odd one that needs paying for. I offered my services as quilt maker for a raffle prize and this is the one she chose.

A few close ups.

The paving slabs around the edge of the pond are in two different greys. I quilted them in a freehand spiral

The water was quilted in freehand loops and swirls. I was lucky with this fabric. It's a turquoise batik with metallic silver streaks running through it. It was perfect for the water.

All the applique is stitched on with the machine using satin stitch.

I found a vaguely Japanese style fabric for the back to continue the  Oriental/Koi theme of the pond.

I quilted freehand flowers in the colourful batik border and used green for the binding to represent grass as this is how my pond is.

So it's one down and many more to go according to my to do lists on the side bar. Time to pick something else to work on.


  1. Oh that is just beautiful! You chose the perfect fabrics for it.

  2. It's such an amazing beautiful quilt. It has a lot of work in it! I hope it fetches a lot of money.

  3. Oh, good job Gina! What's next then?

  4. Beautifully done! What a great auction quilt, it should do well.

  5. This is truly gorgeous ! Love from Belgium, Carla

  6. This quilt is amazing! I love the Koi they are so fun and you did such a beautiful job with them!

  7. Lovely. Hope the operation goes well. xx

  8. Your quilting on this is just exactly what it should be - it really creates that little pond. Hope the raffle is successful and the surgery even more so.
    E xx


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