Saturday, 29 April 2017

Queen Bee

I'm Queen Bee for the month of May and I must admit I've had difficulty in choosing a pattern never mind a block. I've been on Pinterest for hours searching for something to spark me off. I've finally found it though, thankfully.

This month ( well May really) I'm asking for the Dresden Plate

Colours to be anything in the Hot range. Reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and purples. The brighter the better. Solids or otherwise. Think of flowers in a hot garden border such as below

As for the plate itself it can be any size up to 15" and any number of blades/petals. The only stipulation is not to attach it to a background. The reason for this is because these are the quilts for my inspiration

I plan on making the plates flowers on my quilt. I'm going to piece a background of light blues and greens to represent the sky and grass and applique them all on there. The size of the quilt will be according to how many and what size dresdens I get.

( I would like to give credit to these quilts and blocks but even chasing the links through Pinterest I'm none the wiser. If anyone knows please yell so I can give credit )

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Quilting Sampler

Easter Sunday saw me once again in my sewing room. This time for quilting.

I'd made this top a few years ago using a mini charm pack and black cotton. I don't know what I was trying to do here only that it hasn't worked and I don't like it.
I've sandwiched it up and I'm going to use it as a quilting sampler.

Using the seams of the charm squares I've grided the piece up into 2" squares and rectangles. Each square/rectangle will have a quilting pattern in them. Some will be repeated, some will be the only one depending on how I like it.

So far I've done all the squares around the centre.

Apart from the grid itself all the quilting is freehand, as you can probably work out by the wobbly lines.
Some of the designs have been inspired by others work and some have been made up on the spur of the moment. Some I'll use again and some I'll probably never use.
Here are some of my favourite  2"squares so far.

My pebbles have improved no end and I think the jigsaw and triangle fillers will feature quite alot in my future work.
Again I plan on working on this next weekend when I need to quilt the long rectangles around the outer edges of the quilt. .

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Simple Times

One of the UFOs I'm working on this month is Simple Times a BOM from 2013/14

It's a full sized quilt made in 1930's fabrics. I'd made up a few of the blocks as I received them but then became ill and it fell by the wayside.
Although I haven't done much sewing at the beginning of this month I pencilled in the Easter weekend as time for me to get back in the sewing room.
Saturday saw the few blocks I'd made become 12 pieced blocks.

I now have to make the 13 alternative blocks to complete the centre of the quilt.

I've also quite a few unused units left over which, along with the few scraps I've managed to save I'm aiming to make into some matching cushions or dressing/bedside table mats.

That'll be a job for right at the end when I know exactly how much fabric I've left over. The person who put it all together seems to be over generous on some packages but bang on the money on others. I'm hoping to have some more progress to show on this by the end of next weekend.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Bees and Blocks

In a surprise to myself I've got my Bee blocks for this month done and out of the way.

First up is Liz's block in the Buzzy Friends Bee. She chose the Hidden Gem block, the details for which can be found HERE. Liz wanted hot pinks, purple, duck egg blue, grey and black for her block.

This is the second time I've made this block and it went together a lot quicker and easier this time than the first time I made it back last year in another Bee.
It's also the last month for this Bee. I don't know if the other ladies are carrying on but I'm not going for another round. I already have too many quilts on my to do list and will probably struggle to decide on what block would be for me.

The next block is for Sharon in the BeeABee quilt Bee for which we make two blocks.
She asked for a version of Bonnie Hunters String Spiderweb found HERE. The instructions were low volume centres and then anything goes for the strings.

The eagle eyed among you will notice that the quarters are not sewn together. This is deliberate as Sharon wants to mix and match them all when she gets them.
As you know I'm not a scrappy person but I do like the way these look together. Maybe a quilt to add to my bucket list, especially as they were very quick to make up.

Finally the sew a long I take part in on a Facebook group.
This runs like a Bee in that a Queen for each month chooses a block and we all make it, but for us instead of sending it out. It was my turn this month and I chose THIS BLOCK from Quilters Cache.

I'm making mine using bright colours on a variety of blacks for the backgrounds. I'm also doing a mix of 12" and 6" blocks o make a lap quilt at the end of the year.
So far I've a nice variety of blocks and can't wait to see what gets picked for May.

Talking of May, it'll be my turn to be Queen Bee for the BeeABee and I've already decided what I want so watch this space as I think the finished quilt will be fun.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

UFO Challenge

Yes I know I'm late posting these but life has been hectic here.

 My daughter announced she was moving in with her boyfriend and it's been all hands on deck to get her stuff  to his flat. Now that she's gone it also means I can get in her room and give it a really good sort out and clean. It's the biggest of the bedrooms and she's managed to completely fill it. The plan is to move ourselves into it and then the stuff she's left here can be put in ours. This means new bedroom furniture for us and a complete redecorate of both bedrooms. Busy busy.

Anyway the UFOs on top of the pile to work on for this month are

Simple Times

This is a BOM from 2013/14. It's done in 1930's fabrics which is a bit of a departure from my normal in your face brights. I managed to keep up for a few months and then became ill so it all got put away. After a couple of months of focused quilting it'll be nice to do some piecing again. 

Talking of quilting, this is the other UFO to be worked on this month. 

It's a mini quilt using mini charms and alot of black. I made this one up as I was going along and whatever I was trying to do it didn't work. I've sewn a grid onto this now and I'll be using it as a quilting sampler as I don't like it enough to use it for anything else.

I failed miserably last month as I didn't manage to finish either of my quilts. I'm hoping I can get at least one of them done this month as well as the two quilts above.

New Blogger Blog Hop

You may have noticed that there is a Blog Hop going around at the moment focusing on new (ish) bloggers. I saw this last year and thought it looked like fun but just missed out at taking part. This year I've been accepted though. 

I've been given my hive

and my date for posting my blog post....May 1

Until that day though please feel free to check out the other members of my hive listed below. I look forward to seeing you all on my day.

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