Monday, 1 May 2017

New Bloggers Blog Hop 2017

With thanks to Yvonne of Quilting Jet girl for letting me join the Blog Hop and Leanne of She Can Quilt for being my Hive mum it's time for my blog post.

About Me

I'm Gina a housewife from the fabulous valleys of South Wales in the UK.

 I live in a town that has this at it's heart

A castle built in the 13th Century with its own ghost. As well as being a huge tourist attraction it has also featured in many Doctor Who episodes.

I've been patchwork and quilting for approximately 20 years. I sort of fell into it to be honest. I was visiting a local stately home that had a patchwork shop in it's grounds. I went in looking for cross stitch thread. I commented on the lovely quilts and was persuaded to put my name down on the waiting list for a beginners class. By the time I got home there was a message saying someone had dropped out and I was in. The rest as they say is history. ( as is the 1st quilt which was loved to death by my daughter)
I enjoy all forms of patchwork but I'm tending to do more by machine now as my eyes aren't as good as they used to be. I'm lucky in that I have a room I can devote to sewing and keep the mess I make contained.

This is the after shot, you don't want to see the before. Oh you do, Ok then don't say you weren't warned.

I sew all my quilts on my domestic Janome. I won her in a competion years ago and she's my workhorse. I also do all my own quilting on her, including this Super King sized quilt.

I've also got a very basic Brother that I use when the unpredictable Welsh weather lets me sew outside.

After sewing my next love is my garden. This is only thing that keeps me out of my sewing room for any length of time. To be  honest if forced to choose between the two then my garden would win. Sorry ladies.
As the name of my blog suggests I'm also a baker

and when the mood takes me I will spend a full day baking only to see hubby take it to work and we are left with nothing. Still at least it doesn't go to waste.

Favourite Quilts

Right that's enough about me. I lead a boring life really so there's not much to tell. I thought I'd show you some of my favourite quilts that I've finished. I'll try and give any information that I remember.

These were done in a workshop on curved piecing more years ago than I care to admit. As you can see I was going through my bright stage. One I haven't really grown out of if I'm honest.

This one hangs in my hallway. It's a pieced background but the leaves are real leaves trapped between layers of wonder web and chiffon. I call it Forever Autumn and keep meaning to do a summer one with flowers.

 This table runner has sentimental attachments. It was made for a private swap with a dear internet friend in the US. She has since died and I miss our fun conversations over the computer.

 Another one for the bright pile. This was a sew along with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts ran the year before last. Each pup is a different colour and has a bone to match. I loved making this quilt.

 A baby quilt. Nothing too special but I love making baby quilts. they are so fun to make up. Unfortunately I don't know many people of the age who can or want to get pregnant so everyone I make is special and exciting to me.

Finally my owls quilt. This was a cross stitch sew along a year or so ago run via facebook. Each owl is slightly different and in a different colour scheme. I decided to border them and make then up as a wallhanging. I like combining quilting with cross stitch. Somehow it lends itself to be made up in this way.
Hints, Tips and Advice

I see alot of quilters out in internet land worrying about "losing their mojo". If that happpens to you, as it does to me every so often can I offer you advice. DON'T WORRY.
Close the door of your sewing room. Put your machine away and forget all about sewing. Find a new or re visit an old hobby I can promise you that one day you'll wake up and your fingers will start to itch for patchwork again. It may take weeks, it may take months but it will happen. I went 6 months without even looking at my sewing machine one year. Nothing happened ( well apart from it being covered in dust). The earth wasn't engulfed in flames, the mountains didn't fall into the sea, well not around here anyway. I went back when the time was right and picked up where I left off. If the truth is told I felt better after the break as sewing was starting to become stale for me.

Well if you've stayed with me this far I thank you for your patience. Please visit the blogs that are posting with me today

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Also Yvonne and Leanne are having a giveaway today so visit them to enter. Let me know if you are lucky enough to win anything.


  1. Interesting post Gina! I can't quite fathom having such an old 'structure' nearby - here, something 100 years old is considered pretty ancient and quite an achievement :-) Great to see some of your older quilts too - and your yummy baking!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful introduction. Love the castle! And the baking! And the quilts! I must say I got a huge chuckle seeing the before and after photos, doesn't take long to turn to chaos.

  3. Gina, so nice to meet you! What a great intro post! Enjoyed seeing where you live and your interests besides quiting. And thanks for the advice.

  4. Great to read all about you Gina - I know that castle! I love your leaf hanging and the table runner for your friend is gorgeous. xx

  5. I agree that nothing really happens if the quilting mojo is lost. I really enjoy bright colors myself, and it's a phase I don't see ending any time soon. :) Thank you for joining and participating in the hop!

  6. Hello kindred spirit! I also love gardening with quilting and cooking! Lovely quilts!!

  7. Sometimes the mojo just leaves for a vacation, but it does come back. Good tip. I'm not sure I'd get much done if I lived in a town with all that beauty. I'd be taking too many walks! Fun to get to know you through this post! Wendy at

  8. You mentioned about your name meaning a baker. I guess I was a little confused on what "pagan quilter" meant. They look scrumptious!

  9. Nice to meet you, Gina! Wow, a castle nearly in your backyard, not many can say that, how neat!! Your quilts are awesome! I really enjoyed reading your post!

  10. Great post, Gina! It's great to know a little more about you, even though we've "known" each other since the Stash Bee last year.

    I absolutely LOVE your leaves quilt! With real leaves!!!!!! I would love to see one with flowers, if you ever make it.

    Great advice about walking away when you just aren't feeling into quilting. I had a long period like that for a while, but it does happen to me sometimes for a week or so.

  11. Yes! I lost my mojo when I had my kids...a little distracted maybe? And when I came back to it five years later it was with a fabulously fresh perspective and energy. Warning: my taste has also changed so my first fabric stash holds no interest to me now (using it for free motion practice woohoo!) more stash building for me!

  12. Hi Gina: I'm not meeting you now as you are one of the first bloggers I came across when I started blogging. Great post and I love your advice about mojo.

  13. Gina - it's so great to learn about your journey and your advice is so great. Quilting is suppose to be fun and if it's not it's okay to take a break. <3 Your quilts are sooo cute!
    - Sherry from

  14. Gina,
    Dynamite to meet you and discover your adventures in blogging and stitching. Love the Pups quilt...I too love Lorna's animal patterns.
    Stitching outside on my Brother is great in the Autumn weather here in the southern part of America. Mine looks similar to yours...although I don't have the gorgeous view that you do.
    Hats off to bright colors and classic rock! I love Pat Benatar, The Beatles of course, Kenny Wayne Sheppard Band ( gotta tune into this one).

  15. Nice meeting you! My father's family is Welsh - James and Scargles. I love the table runner you made for your friend, but so sorry she is gone. Looking forward to seeing more from you - visiting from the hop.

  16. Really enjoyed reading about you and your adventures in quilting. Lovely introductory post.

  17. A lovely post and I really, really want you to make one of those 'leaf' wall hangings for each season! Pretty please?

  18. It looks like you live in a place from Game of Thrones! What beautiful scenery. Your Super King quilt is just amazing close up--Bravo to you for all of that piecing--and I love the color scheme. I'm amazed by your wallhanging with real leaves embedded in it--a very creative take on autumn. Great to meet you:)

  19. Loved reading your post Gina! That castle looks familiar. I feel like I may have visited it but I guess all castles look the same and I think the one I'm thinking of was in North Wales. What a great idea to take your machine and sew outdoors on a nice day - I must try it!

  20. Hi Gina, so glad to read your wonderful post, your life is far from boring to me if it includes quilts and cakes. Thanks for sharing your quilts, I am amazed that you were able to quilt a king size quilt on your Janome, it's quite an accomplishment. As for your studio, I'm a little jealous since my studio is in the basement of my house and I would so love a window view like yours. Glad to meet you and looking forward to reading future posts.

  21. Hello Gina, I think we are nearly neighbours. I also live in the South Wales Valleys, in fact I think you’re just a bus ride away! I love your before and after pictures! Quilting a super king sized quilt on a domestic sewing machine….hats off to you that’s some achievement. You have a lovely collection of quilts, its lovely to meet you

  22. Gina, I am soooo jealous of that castle in your home town, I have a (not very employable) degree in Medieval History and I could spend every weekend visiting! Congrats on successfully quilting a super king quilt on a domestic machine without loosing all of your hair! It's beautiful! I also really like that Maleficent mini quilt hanging in your quilting room! I'm so glad to have found you on this blog hop!

  23. Hi Gina! I happen to have a few minutes and loved your blog name, so I popped in to read your New Blogger Blog Post while checking out those in my hive. How awesome you live in a town with a castle...and a haunted one! You have a wonderful collection of quilts! I made sure to follow you so I can read all about your quilty adventures...lovely to meet you!

  24. Hi Gina, I so enjoyed reading this post. I am in awe of your king size quilt, that you did on your domestic no less! Thanks for your great and witty advice about sewing "mojo"!
    ~Abbie from the New Quilt bloggers hop

  25. Loved getting to know you! You are so creative! I laughed when you said you would choose gardening over quilting! I have the brownest thumb!

  26. Great to "meet" you. I really enjoyed your story of how you fell into quilting. It's not the typical story you hear. :)

  27. So many interesting things to have learned about you! I love that you garden and make cakes. I love that you sew outdoors. I love that you live near a castle and are a Whovian like me. In short, I loved your post and getting to know you!

  28. I love your wall hanging with leaves. What a wonderful idea.

  29. Hi Gina, I loved reading your post. According to AncestryDNA, my family originated in Wales. I would love to visit someday!

  30. Hi Gina! Love that you sit outside and sew! Cute pup quilt. And is that Shaun the sheep? Too cute! Thanks for the intro!

  31. and I must be long lost sisters! I too love to garden and bake when not quilting! I would love to visit Wales some day! So nice to meet you!

  32. Thanks for sharing Gina! You live in such a beautiful place, no wonder you want to sew outside - what a great idea! I love your tip too - sometimes a break is exactly what you need!


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