Monday, 7 August 2017

UFO's to UFO's

Way back in January I decided that this year was when I tackled my UFO's. I would join the challenges and finish a quilt a month. Well hasn't quite worked out that way. The tub is nigh on as full now as it was at the beginning of the year. On the up side though is that I have no new ones.

As well as my quilty UFO tub I promised myself that I'd work on my Cross Stitch UFO pile. Over the last few months I've been concentrating on these on the occasions when I've felt the need to "do something".

First up we have my Kingfisher.
It had been in this state for far too many years. I don't know why I stopped doing it to be honest as its a great kit. Fabulous colours and a good chart.

Anyway about 6 weeks of work and we have a completed kingfisher.

This is part of a series of birds by Heritage Stitchcraft . I've got the other kits, apart from one, ready to go. Once I've finished my UFO's, or if I fancy a change I'll work on them.  I was thinking of making them into cushions but to be honest I'd be too afraid of them getting dirty so I'll get them framed behind glass when all done.

The other UFO I got finished is Winnie the Pooh and Friends.

This was the state I left it in

As you can see I hadn't done much. I quickly realised why I'd left it. I'd made a mistake. Fast forward 20 years or so. Yes it's been that long, I bought it to do as a height chart for my then toddler daughter and she's now 23.

We have a completed cross stitch. I ripped out what I had done and restarted from scratch. Really enjoyed doing this one. I completed each character, including back stitch where possible before starting on the others. It seemed to grow really quickly.
I've the perfect fabric to turn this into a quilted wall hanging for someone's ( don't know who's) nursery one day.

The new UFO I'm working on is another bird

A Grey Owl ( though there's not alot of grey in the kit which is worrying). Luckily I think the bird is fabulous as I'm struggling with the drab colours already. I can see why I put this down and didn't pick it up again. I'll plough on though as I want to get it done. It had better be worth it. I didn't realise how many shades of beige there were until I picked this kit up again and as you all know I don't do beige.

After this I only have 2 stitching UFO's left and then I can start on the numerous kits in my drawer.


  1. Beautiful stitching! I did turn one of mine into a pillow/cushion and I was sorry as it did indeed get dirty. BUT it also got used and enjoyed - which is sometimes better than being protected behind glass.

  2. Love these! Especially the Kingfisher. I was a cross stitcher before I discovered quilting. Just curious, what will you do with all the birds once you have them finished?

  3. That kingfisher is spectactular!!! And I can imagine the wall chart was lovely to work on, nice bright colours and cheerful characters! Good luck with all the beige...

  4. That kingfisher is amazing! And I love the Winnie the Pooh as it brings back memories of my kids when they were little. I had to chuckle about the project being for her and she's now 23 -- I can so relate! I have a few of those tucked away in my quilting pile. You've made some good progress on those UFOs!

  5. You know - all those years passed and Winnie the Pooh is still as popular as ever


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