Friday, 29 September 2017

OMG I've actually achieved my OMG ( one Monthly Goal )

So back at the beginning of the month I made the brave statement that I would get Simple Times into a flimsy.

All the centre blocks were done but only one row had been sewn together.

I decided to join up with Patty and friends over at Elm Street Quilts in an effort to progress the quilt.

Well a good weekend of sewing saw the one row turn into five and a centre was done.

Now it was time to make the 52 Dresden fans for the borders. OMG was this tedious.

First cut out 52 petals from each of these fabrics

And then sew, turn, iron, sew until finally

That took me most of this month to be honest. Including a day at the new group I've just joined.

Now it was time to sew all the blocks together and finish the top.

Easy right? Wrong! I had a complete meltdown over those borders. I just couldn't get them right. Either the points didn't match or I sewed them onto the centre wrong. At  one point I had them upside down. Two days to sew on 4 borders. I tell you the whole thing nearly went in the bin.

But I persevered and finally

 I've not appliqued the edges of the dresden petals as I may just anchor them in the quilting. I'm not sure yet. Another option is to put a bit of wadding underneath so they puff out slightly. I'll decide on the day

I tried to get a pic of the true colours but the breeze refused to drop and the sun ( yes it does make an appearance over here occasionally ) decided to pop out from behind the clouds at just the wrong moment.

I'm off now to link up with Elm Street Quilts OMG finishes post and then decide what to concentrate on next month,


  1. It's fantastic and it must feel wonderful to have achieved your goal!

  2. Congratulations on meeting your goal.

  3. Well done you . The blink of sun shining on your quilt is lovely . Will I tell you what I think? I don't think I had puffy. And I would anchor the plates in the quilting ? Or rather quilt them down ?

  4. I love the border Gina, glad you persevered as the quilt is looking stunning. xx

  5. Gorgeous! You did a wonderful job. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  6. What a beauty! It is so nice to meet a goal, isn't it. Gonna try for the quarterly OMG today by setting my goals!

  7. I love the dresden border! Beautiful top!

  8. Oh, wow, that is gorgeous! The border really makes the quilt. It looks like coloring book pages with the sun shining through it. :-)


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