Thursday, 30 March 2017

Back in Business

Look how clean and sparkling my machine is.

The men with the toolbags came and gave her a good going over. Apparently I'd broken the tension spring which had caused all the problems I wasn't aware I was having.
Anyway 2 and a bit hours later I'm back in business. She's back in her rightful place upstairs in my sewing room ready for action.
I'll be back sewing tomorrow and Saturday. Sunday I'm visiting a quilt show and will be taking loads of pics.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Quiltathon Day 3 and a finish

For today's sewing I made up these two cushions

I used the excess HSTs from the star quilt I've been working on to make two 12" blocks of pinwheels

I bordered them so they are now 14" and quilted some straightish, parallelish lines in some of the background to try and give the illusion of movement. Taking some of the triangles into the border.

Using some spare fabric from the back of the quilt I've made these up into cushions with an envelope back.

I've put the pads in for now just to take some pics to show you. The covers will have to go in the wash though as I managed to prick my finger, not once but three times and bleed on both of them.

In other not so good news my sewing machine seized up just as I was sewing the last few stitches of these. Although hubby is happy to take the machine apart to have a look but I'm not so keen this time. It's due a good service so a phonecall to the nice machine doctor will be made tomorrow morning. Time to drag my spare machine out from it's hidey hole.

March Quiltathon days 2

Yesterday I pinned up the star quilt on the living room floor after first rearranging the furniture so it fitted, just.

A trip to the local fabric factory shop saw me pick up this for the backing.

And that's it for this quilt for time being as spring has sprung and the garden is calling. There's no way I'll get it finished for the end of the month as per the challenge so I'm calling it quits. All I'm aiming to do with it is Stitch in the Ditch all the seams by the end of the week.

Friday, 24 March 2017

March Quiltathon weekend Day 1

Yes it's Quiltathon weekend hosted by Judy at Patchwork Times.

I only managed to get a few hours of sewing in as to be honest I forgot about it. No panic though as I've changed my plans for the weekend and time in my sewing room has been scheduled.

So what sewing have I done I hear you ask.

Well, this

has become this.

 and a close up

I took advantage of a break in a breezy day to get some half decent pictures for a change.

This is my UFO for March and I'm now torn.

I also have this one as a nominated UFO for March and only one lot of wadding until late next week.

So which one do I sandwich up tomorrow and try and get finished by the end of the month.

Monday, 20 March 2017

A Day Late

Well it was National Quilting Day on Saturday and I did nothing. Ok I did pick up some wadding but I don't think that really counts. Sunday was different as I was home alone all day. So, albeit a day late, I celebrated National Quilting Day by chaining myself to my sewing machine.

First up I made the Bee blocks for this month.

Michelle asked for string blocks measuring 13". Her requests were no white and no large scale prints.  Here they are together.

Katrina wanted 16" Pineapple Blocks.

These were a challenge as I really do not like the Pineapple.

 She asked for low volume and pinks, yellows, teals, greens and reds.

And both together.

These have gone off in the mail and should be received soon.

Those kept me busy for the morning and after lunch I worked on this months UFO.

I turned the blocks from this post  into this.

This is the centre of the quilt. I've still the pieced borders to attach. I've actually made half of the borders and took a picture but I've managed to delete the pic somehow so you'll have to wait until they are attached.
The plan for the week is to finish piecing the quilt, sandwich it and start quilting. But first I have blogs and e mails to catch up on,

Bruges Lace Museum

Whilst in Bruges we visited the Lace Museum. To be honest I don't think the hubby was all that enthused to begin with but by the end he was really interested.
Bruges is a huge centre for Lace. there is actually a Lace School there where people all over the world can go and study.
I used to make lace many years ago and visiting the museum has made me itchy to restart. My only issue is what I would use it for as there's only so many book marks, hankerchief edgings you can use.

When you see the pics just bear in mind that it's all hand made and in many cases done by candle light.

The photo below has minute pearls sewn into the lace. They are practically invisible they are so small

This last pic was known as Witches Lace as at the time ( 18th century) it was thought that no human could make something so fine without the help of magic

I think I'm going to have to look up lace making kits as the more I look at the pics the more I want to restart.

Pictures of Bruges

Well I'm back after a great few days in Bruges. I've eaten my body weight in waffles and ice cream and walked miles over the cobbled streets.
I'll now bore you with just some of the many pics I took of one of my favourite cities.

We had a bit of excitement on the way home. We went on an organised coach trip there and back. On the quay side for the ferry back to the UK we had to stop to go through passport control. We all trooped off the bus, went through the building where we all checked out and went out the other door to await the coach. We waited, and waited. Next thing a man mountain came around the corner with the news that the gorgeous sniffer dog we had seen had sniffed out an illegal immigrant. Thay took ages to actually find him. In the end they had to take all the inspection panels/bodywork from the rear of the bus to find the poor man. He was sitting on the gearbox housing behind the engine block. They reckon he had been there over night as we'd been on the road for three hours. Think about it, three hours sitting next to a working engine. the heat must have been horrific. Another couple of 100 yards and he would have been on the ferry. We are amazed just how good those sniffer dogs are. To smell him out amongst all the other smells that must have been on the coach takes some skill.  Anyway the man was handed over to the French who arrested him. They would have given him a hot meal, a night in the cells and then send him off on his merry way to probably try again.  We got the next ferry ( we'd missed ours) and got safely home with no more drama.

Pics from Bruges Lace Museum in the next blog post.