Friday, 30 March 2018

Going Girly

Last summer I made this baby quilt for a friends new born and it was well received.

 So well in fact that I was asked to make another for the little girl in the family. The brief was simple a single bed quilt and her favourites were pink, purple, unicorns and mermaids. Oh yes and could it be done by Christmas. As this was the end of August no problem.

Big problem. The pink and purple fabric was easy to get hold of but to find unicorns and/or mermaid fabric was next to impossible. It would seem there had been a run on it earlier in the year and over here in the UK I was more likely to get hold of a real unicorn or mermaid. In the end I had to order in from  the US and wait. And wait and wait. The mail from US to UK ( and back) can be very quick or ridiculously slow, especially when you are on a deadline. My fabric didnt arrive until the end of October so it was all hands to the pump to get the quilt done.

 As you can see done it was. Ok maybe not as complicated a pattern as my normal quilts but time was not my friend. I fussy cut 4" squares from the mermaid and unicorn ( hands up who can see the minion  fluffy unicorn ) fabrics, bordered them and then sewed them together with a very wide sashing.

Quilting was straight parallel lines around the blocks to form diamonds, after stitching in the ditch

 and a bit of swirly stuff in the border.

It was backed with more pink, this time with white dots and the dark purple was used for the binding.

And yes it was done ready for Christmas. Actually it was ready by the beginning of December so could go off to the North Pole in plenty of time to be wrapped by Santa.
I think this is the girliest quilt I've ever made and the girl in question loves it apparently so all the stress of time management was worth it.


  1. It turned out gorgeous! Of course, you made it - so that is no surprise. :) Beautiful work!

  2. It looks great! I have some of the small unicorns with rainbow tails on pink background (next to last picture) --my niece loves unicorns, so when I see a cute unicorn print, I snatch it up! So glad the recipient loves it!

  3. I don't think it has the look of a simple design at all. The purple lines around the smaller squares look as if they are leaping off the quilt. I am sure the little girl loved it.

  4. How adorable! You are so kind to make something by request.

  5. Oh, I bet she was thrilled!! You can’t go wrong with pink, purple, mermaids and unicorns! Yea for you for ordering away for those fabrics and making her dream come true.

  6. Wow, Gina - you are a gem to do this for her in such a time crunch. It's adorable, there's no way she wasn't going to love it. :)

  7. Oh, no, why did you not go for the real unicorn? Oh, well, this quilt is super, even without the horse hair feel!

    No, it is beautiful. Good result! Which little girl would not love it!


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