Sunday, 8 April 2018

Very Slow Stitching Sunday

While I was taking my blogging hiatus I rediscovered my love of cross stitch. Well I say rediscovered it never really went away but as I have bad eyes doing more than 30 mins at a time was out of the question. As a result I left it alone.

Then came a pair of new Varifocals. And I love them. It means I can hand stitch again without my eyes getting tired and sore.

A new cross frame was bought and away I went.

I've pulled out a WIP that is more than a few years old

Dimensions Gold Big Cats. Its that old the aida is starting to discolour in places. That doesn't matter though as it gives the background a nice mottled effect.

Here it is all framed up a couple of weeks ago  ready to start again.

And here's the current progress shot


There is an enormous amount of confetti stitches which gives a good effect I suppose. It's all done in cross stitch and half cross stitch with three strands of cotton.

After getting it all back out it had to go away for a week or so as I've had a new carpet and three piece suite but now my sewing corner is up and running again so I can stitch away in the evenings while himself is watching the sport.

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  1. Gina, this is a wonderful cross stitch pattern and you are making a great progress. I love cross stitching.

  2. You got lots done on your cats this week. The more stitches you add, the more those cats come to life.

  3. Yeah for the new glasses that help! Maybe I need to try a new strategy as well. I pulled out an old project from the 80's while looking for other cross stitch supplies. Last year I had a bout with Bell's Palsy. My eyes are still giving me some trouble. I think I'll start to try cross stitch again but in little spurts. Happy stitching.

  4. Yeah for the old VFs! I could not do without mine!

  5. So wonderful that new glasses have allowed you to do this hand stitching again!
    A wonderful project!

  6. I actually took my stitching in to my optometrist and he measured the distance that I prefer to work at. He made sure my 'office' glasses have that distance and the distance to my monitor as larger sections of my variable lens.

    I'm so glad new specs are giving you your stitching mojo back. I love the cats, they are majestic.

  7. What a pretty piece. Those confetti stitches can be annoying, but yes the overall effect is very pretty.


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